Saturday, 1 June 2013

May in pictures.

Well would you look at that: it's June. That cheeky little month seems to have sprung up on us out of nowhere, doesn't it? Here's hoping Summer arrives with it (classic British weather chat mingled with not-so-classic British optimism.) BUT HEY, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Shall we look back at some jolly lovely stuff that's happened in May? Yeah, go on then... (Click on any pic if you want to see it niiiiice and big on your screen of choice.)

Back to uni after Easter and Spring had finally sprung!
I knew I'd brought my deckchair to uni for a reason.

We celebrated Harriet's birthday (these weren't all for just the two of us!)

And we ran 10K (not straight after the cocktails, mind)
Summery days inspired healthier snacks
and I wore sandals. SANDALS!

Casual TV appearance. That was fun.
Oh. Winter came back. It hailed.

Stumbled across a delightful street fair. Bristol is so cute.
Essay time = tea-for-one time
This picture got a kajillion likes on Instagram

Revising in bed.
And doodling on my notes

I was visited by many cats. I'm not a cat person.
Reminding me why I'm sad to leave for a year.
 Clifton = perfect jogging scenery.
There are worse revision spots than my balcony
And sometimes, revision is too much, and you have to give up.

More cake and cocktails (sensing a theme?)
Unintentional co-ordination. Pleasing.

Harry Styles the motivator
A necessary post-German exam froyo treat

Bristol Cathedral and College Green
The gorgeous Harbourside

My mum and sister came to visit and we had a glorious day in the sun. A much needed mid-exam pick-me-up
Now though, it's back to the books for me. Happy June to you all!


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