Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer shopping.

(My legs aren't this spindly - I had to squish the pics to make them fit.)
I know of not one female student who hasn't treated herself to a post-exams shopping trip. It's sort of the law. Girl Law. You don't want to break Girl Law. For weeks (or months if you're a particularly diligent student) you've been cooped up revising, during which time you struggle to do anything even mildly fun without feeling super guilty, so shopping trips are largely out of the question.

Post-final-exam euphoria is a fabulous feeling, and as far as I'm concerned, a spot of retail therapy is one of the best ways to make the most of your new-found freedom. Clearly, I'm not alone in my thinking.

Now, I'm not really a fashion blogger, and I'm not going to start writing posts about everything I purchase - I know some bloggers do that which is fine and dandy, it's just not really my styyyyle. Unless y'all want more posts like this. Just holla if ya do. (I know, I can't pull that off and shouldn't attempt it again. Ever)

Most of the time, I'm really not a good shopper. Newsflash: I love pretty things, clothes, bags, accessories, jewellery and shoes, but I'm just rubbish at spending money. I can't do it. I'm too thrifty for my own good. But my thrifty nature combined with my part-time job means I genuinely can afford to treat myself more often. So, with that in mind, summer on the horizon and a sense of post-exam joy, I hit the shops. A couple of times.

I have to admit that in my opinion Leicester isn't the most exciting or the prettiest city in the UK, but I do love the lane above, and it has pretty much all the usual high street chains on offer. Exciting news: Leicester has finally got a Pret! It opened last week, and the discovery of this today made my mum's day. Naturally she went in to get a cappucino, we went on and on about how excited we were - PRET! - and so the delightful barista gave mum her drink on the house, purely because "Pret loves people who love Pret." Isn't that nice? But I digress...

Next week I'm off to not one snazzy party, but two. An 18th and a 21st to be precise. I know, my life is wildly glamorous, kids. Despite having a wardrobe full of pretty evening dresses, I naturally couldn't resist treating myself to a couple of new beauties. I really wasn't planning on it, but when you find the dress you find the dress, right? Or in my case, the dresses. Today's purchases:

I was jolly impressed with the offerings in Topshop and Miss Selfridge, both of which have cracking sales on at the mo. Both dresses above are by TFNC at Topshop (I love their dresses!). The Grecian beauty wasn't in the sale, but as there was a little mark on the only one in my size,so mum managed to negotiate a 20% discount for which I was highly grateful. Why is it that when I try to do this the sales assistants are having none of it, but when my older-and-thus-more-authoritative mother steps in, the girls behind the counter are much more willing to take notice and try to appease us? It's always the way. See, ageing isn't all bad. At the end of the day I'm just grateful for the discount. YAY FOR MUMS!

What a beaut changing room shot. That was sarcasm. I am not an edgy fashion blogger.
MINNIE BANDEAU DRESS BY TFNC (still £49 online - shocker!)
Dress no. 2 (the little pink number) was an absolute steal from the sale. £20, then a student discount on top! How could I say no? I love pretty flowy dresses, particularly in summer, and I really like how these two off-set the lil tan I've carefully developed over the past few weeks (if I do say so myself.)
Oh, and that wasn't me done in Topshop, oh no. For aaaaages I've been looking for some tan leather flats, but as a somewhat large-footed-girl (one of the biggest difficulties of my life), it's not always easy. Especially on a student budget. So, the discovery of these lovely ballet pumps, in my size, for a mere £16.20 was obviously fate. *cha-ching*

Shopping is exhausting. Let's have a lunch break.

Ahh. That was nice. What a treat it is to have lunch in a café, in the sun, people-watching with my mum and sister. Moving on...

I'm a big fan of the statement earring, and have recently treated myself to two new pairs from Miss Selfridge (the first of which cost a fiver and are part of the trendy instacollage I posted higher up...):

£3 in the sale, kids!
However, as a grammar/orthography pedant (oh, the shame if I ever make an error!), I was less than impressed to see this:

Comment if you spot the mistake (and I hope you do)
Naturally, some Primark bargs have occurred (I am a student):

New shoes, tights AND dress. I like to clash my prints.

I channeled Kate Middleton on Summer Ball night - I knew it was going to be on grass, so wedges were a must. These nude patent courts were a mere tenner. Win.

I think these super fun sunnies may have to take the biscuit when it comes to bargains though - 50p in the Prime sale. And they match the blazer and Cambridge Satchel I was wearing that day perfectly. Weird.

If I had unlimited funds, I would most definitely be treating myself to this gorgeous leather handbag from Ted Baker:

As I've said before, I'm a sucker for a well-made, fine leather handbag (and boys with swishy hair but that's another blog post. Literally), and this one, with Ted Baker's 20% student discount was ridiculously tempting. In fact, it still is. To be fair, the bag is less than your average Mulberry, and it's a really practical size... And so damn pretty... I think we all know where this is heading, don't we?

Has anyone treated themselves recently? Or splashed out in the summer sales? When you put it all down on paper (or internet space) it seems I certainly have...

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