Monday, 24 June 2013

The 5:2 Diet: Pros, cons and my top tips

For the past few months, the 5:2 Diet has been the diet on everyone's lips (or not, as the case may be on fast days.) Don't know what it is? Read my post Weighing Up the 5:2 Diet here. Still yet to give it a try? Check out this great infographic from Holland and Barrett:

I've tried the odd fast day here and there over the past few months (check out my post "Trying a "fast" day on the 5:2 diet" here, often before or after a few days of intense gluttony, and I've definitely discovered some tricks that make it easier. Here are my top tips:

1. It gets easier as the days go on, so try and bear that in mind if on Day 1 you feel like you're DYING!

2. I (and I know I'm not alone here) have found the rest of the day is easier if you wait as long as you can before having "breakfast". I don't know why, but it is. So if I'm doing a fast day I usually wait until around noon when I'd have some berries with fat-free yoghurt. And they sure do taste good!

3. VEGETABLES ARE YOUR FRIENDS! (Carbs not so much.) Seriously though, a lot of veggies are ridiculously low-cal, so you can eat a surprisingly large amount. Low-cal veggies: cauliflower, green beans, mange tout, asparagus, peppers, couurgette. Higher-cal carby veggies: butternut squash, sweetcorn, peas, parsnips.

4. Drink a lot. And I mean a lot. It keeps you full. Some people may not condone it, but I live off diet fizzy drinks, sparkling flavoured water, squash and tea.

5. If you're a pudding person (like me), and used to having something sweet post-dinner or before bed, try and save yourself a few calories to do so. Otherwise your body gets confused and you will get horrible munchies. My suggestion? Sugar-free jelly pots. They're about 3 calories per pot. No joke. You could eat a ridiculous amount of those on a fast day (although I imagine you'd feel extremely sick as a result.)

Anyone agree with my findings or having their own tips to share? Let me know!

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