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AlunaGeorge gig at The 100 Club, London

London's fab, isn't it? As I'm doing work experience here at the moment (yet again), I'm jam-packing my lunch breaks and evenings with seeing people, visiting places and generally doing things. There's just so much going on!

So when I was very kindly offered a pair of tickets to an intimate AlunaGeorge gig on a night that I was actually going to be in London, not to mention at an oh-so-convenient venue just five minutes walk away from my current office, I of course said 'YES PLEASE AND THANKS' right away. 

Now, it's safe to say I'm not a particularly experienced gig-goer, so I invited some much cooler back-up in the shape of my older brother, Jamie. Slash I don't know many other people in London. No but seriously Jamie's into his musac so I knew he'd be keen. Well, who wouldn't?

Inside The 100 Club
So, a little after 7.30pm last night (I told you we were keen), Jamie and I pootled off to The 100 Club on Oxford Street. It was a fantastic venue. Apparently, the club was facing closure a few years ago, but then Paul McCartney stepped in and saved it, and it's a jolly good thing he did. 

Some of the previous performers
The venue capacity is only 250 people, and it was the perfect amount as far as I’m concerned. Full enough that there was an exciting, buzzy atmosphere, but not so full that you couldn’t move and were too squished to enjoy yourself. Although when we arrived, the club was still filling up.

The gig was part of The Durex Intimate Session series, which is a series of intimate gigs by big-name acts in small locations. You can't buy tickets, only win them, or be lucky enough to be offered a pair, like me (and I'm très grateful, of course.)

The 100 Club is a long rectanglular room with a stage in the middle, bars at both ends, and hundreds of fairy lights – little ones and giant bulbs – twinkling over the ceiling and the wall behind the stage. It looked fab! And it's not secret how much I love fairy lights now, is it?

I have to say, the thought of going to a gig did conjure up images of a slightly grimy, dark cellar, but although we were down from street level, I’d had nothing to worry about.

It’s amazing really – just step off the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, go down some stairs, and suddenly you’re in this intimate little music venue.

Jamie and I got ourselves a drink (needless to say I was astounded at the £4.60 price tag on my Malibu and Diet Coke, but maybe I'm just not used to London prices), had a catch-up and enjoyed a spot of people-watching as the room filled up. Our fellow gig-goers were predominantly young, cool-looking types. Naturally, we fitted right in. Ahem.

Not long after we arrived, I discovered the photobooth at one end of the venue. And this wasn’t just any old photobooth either. It was a photobooth with cool light thingies. So naturally, Jamie and I had a go. Or three. And got some nice souvenirs to take away.

We appear to be channeling Harry and Hermione.
Soon it was time for the warm-up act. A new name to me, and also a name I have unfortunately forgotten (tell me if you know!), but I really liked her! Somewhat Kelly Clarkson-esque, with an almost Taylor Swifty number thrown in there for good measure. I’m no Radio 1 DJ, but I reckon she might be one to watch.

So the crowd was warmed up and it was time to wait for the main act, AlunaGeorge. You’ll no doubt recognise their main hits from the radio, even if you’re not a devoted fan (and trust me, there were a fair few of them there.) AlunaGeorge is an electronic duo – Aluna Francis on vocals (and songwriting) and George Reid producing and making all sort of funky noises from his keyboard. Yes, funky noises. I believe that’s the technical term.

They were shortlisted for the 2013 BRIT Award of Critics' Choice, don’tcha know?

Jamie and I were being old fogies and sitting down after the warm-up act. A beautiful girl walked past us and I was about to comment on her amazing slender figure when I realised it was Aluna! 

Up we got, and over to the stage we went. But we didn’t go all the way to the front – the hardcore groupies had reserved their spot, plus Jamie is a bit of a giant (a big friendly one, mind) and he didn’t want to block people’s view. See, friendly. But because the gig really was intimate, we were still really close, which was amazing.

George and Aluna
AlunaGeorge were fantastic live! They both had so much energy, and really got the crowd going. I never really knew what you were supposed to actually do at gigs, but I started to realise that you don’t really have to do anything, you just enjoy the music. And I did. Live performances are always fantastic, and being so close to AlunaGeorge was particularly great.

Naturally, it was their biggest hits that went down the best – ‘Attracting Flies,’ ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ and ‘White Noise’ were fab. But I really enjoyed even the songs I didn’t already know. 

Check out my videos - Attracting Flies:

And White Noise:

Aluna seemed really sweet, which is always nice.

She looked INCREDIBLE too. Wearing high-waisted shorts, a balconette bra and a sleeveless cardi-come-slouchy-jacket (which she proceeded to remove), Aluna was totally working her enviably svelte physique. 

The set rounded up at a very reasonable time of 10.15pm – it was a school/work night, after all – and Jamie and I made our respective ways home, me feeling a good 10% cooler than I had beforehand. Guys, we got wristbands. From a gig. I’m so cool.

Oxford Street looked lovely as we walked home.
There are more gigs coming up as part of the Intimate Sessions series - click here to find out more!

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