Monday, 9 September 2013

26 British things I'm going to miss on my year abroad.

Oh, England. Land of delayed trains and rain (and far too many words to describe the latter.) But I love it all the same.

Walks in the rain.
I'm a very patriotic gal, and my impending year abroad has got me thinking: as much as I'm looking forward to immersing myself in German and Belgian cultures (and I'm not just talking about their culinary delights, promise!), I've recently found myself noticing everything I'm going to miss about life in the UK.

Tea and the paper. Morning perfection.
I can really see myself hamming up my Britishness over the year - I'll be sipping tea from my Union Flag fine bone china mugs with pride. All the time. The Germans aren't going to know what to do with this tea-drinking monster. Get ready, Deutschland.

Pimm's and Wimbledon = winning.
Of course, family, friends, the dog and the puppy(!) are a-given, but there's so much more I love about Britain which I know I'll long for over the year. This is just such a fabulous country!

You probably won't be surprised to find my list is largely dominated by food at the moment. I plan on heading off with an extra suitcase full of tea, Marmite and squash. (Yes, I know you can buy them abroad but IT ISN'T THE SAME!)

So, without further ado, here are 26 things I'm going to miss about Britain on my year abroad:

1. Marmite
2. Squash
3. Tea - gold blend, obvs.
4. The papers - man, I love reading the paper. It's not the same online. I'm old school.
5. The Royal family
6. Bunting - obvs am planning on taking my own. And fairy lights. Natch.
7. British cake - but I am so ready for German goodies!
8. The British high street - I'm gonna miss you, Topshop!
9. British fashion - but I'm so psyched to get a Dirndl. For reals.
10. Roasts
11. Crumbles
12. Dog walks with my mum
13. Trifle
14. Scones
15. Vegetables - rumour has it (and a recent study has shown) ze Germans aren't so hot on these... #iheartbroccoli
16. Georgian architecture
18. One Direction
19. Shops staying open on Sundays
20. Cupcakes - you just don't see them round Europe! I think I'm going to make it my mission to spread the joy of cupcakes...
21. British villages and thatched cottages - don't they just have an adorable cuteness?
22. M&S - not that I'd be shopping there if I was at uni anyway...
23. Hobnobs
24. Patchwork fields
25. Wimbledon - it may only be a fortnight but I LOVE IT!
26. Fish and chips - to be honest this is all about the chips. I don't even like fish. But I LOVE chippie chips.

All that said, I am so excited to throw myself into everything Deutsch, and am determined to embrace the culture. And food.

It's important to appreciate where you live... What are your favourite things about the UK? And TELL ME, what else can I look forward to in Germany and Belgium?

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