Tuesday, 3 September 2013

RACHEL LOVES: Ruby + Ed bow ballerina slippers

September is upon us, the blackberries are out and the nights are drawing in. Before we know it, we'll be snuggling up by the fire with a mug of steaming hot chocolate after a fresh stroll over the crunchy autumn leaves. I can't wait.

Every year I look forward to autumn, and part of the reason is that I love cosy fashion. Well, until freezing cold winter sets in, that is. I love being snuggly but I hate being cold. Style usually goes out the window when it comes to keeping warm for me!

I was actually on holiday in sunny, hot Portugal when I was sent the details of Ruby + Ed's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, and despite the view of palm trees and the beach over my laptop screen, it still got me longing for crisp autumn days.

It's a wonderful collection of woolly hats, chunky snoods and cute hot water bottle covers, but I particularly love these ballerina slippers:

The cerise leopard
The charcoal
Aren't they gorgeous? When it comes to autumn/winter, I simply adore velvet. It's so luxurious and somewhat Christmassy, in my opinion.

I had my first pair of Ruby + Ed ballerina slippers a few years ago, and I'm still wearing them now. They don't have a fleecy lining, so are just perfect for wearing inside in the summer. These babies, however, may just be what I need to get through the German winter. And everyone knows Germans need Hausschuhe! (That's 'house shoes', by the way - one of the easier pieces of German vocab I have to contend with.)

As a tall girl with long limbs and sizeable feet, it's not always easy to find nice shoes and slippers, but luckily for moi, Ruby + Ed go up to a size 8/42. Clown-feet girls of the world, rejoice!

And these ballerina slippers are just so beautiful I know they'll make me want to dance around the house! I feel like these are the sorts of slippers princesses would wear. So perfect for me of course. Ahem.

The only question is, which colour to choose? There's charcoal (above), dusty plum, ruby red, orchid pink (at the top), gold brocade and cerise leopard (also above). Actually, that's a no-brainer for me - always pink. But which do you prefer?

Ruby + Ed's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection launches online tomorrow. Cards at the ready!

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