Monday, 18 November 2013

Teapigs spiced winter red tea (Christmas in a mug!)^

People, I have tasted Christmas in a mug, and it is goooood.

When the ‘tea freaks’ (their term, not mine) from teapigs got in touch offering me the chance to try some of their new spiced winter tea, I was excited, intrigued and a little sceptical at the same time.

I do not do weird teas. I’m a straight-up, milky, breakfast/builders’ tea kinda gal. I cannot be doing with all that fruity, herby, flowery nonsense. Well, not until now, it would seem.

As I opened the packet of teabags, I was hit by a wave of festive goodness. To quote teapigs themselves: “We think we’ve captured the best bits of winter with this one - mulled wine, mistletoe, winter coats and rosy cheeks. Log fires, happy cats and old movies on the telly.” And you can’t argue with the awesomeness of all that now, can you?

Described as “a flavoured herbal and spice infusion”, this keen tea drinker was a little unsure as to whether she’d like such a tea. HOWEVER. Despite being caffeine-free, thanks to its redbush base, you can totally drink spiced winter red tea with milk, which I’ve been doing (and loving!) for the past few days.

Apparently you can also use these teabags to make a wintry latte too – simply cover a teabag with boiling water, leave to infuse for a few minutes, remove the teabag and top up with hot frothy milk. If I had the means of making hot, frothy milk, I would so be trying that.

So, what does spiced winter red tea actually taste like? Well, Christmas, like I said. But I guess teapigs don’t want to call it 'Christmas tea' so as not to diminish their New Year market. The dominant flavour is undoubtedly cinnamon, but that’s just fine and dandy with me as I’m a big cinnamon fan. Orange peel and clove flavours are also blended in there somewhere.

This tea just tastes, feels and looks a bit special to me – I love the prism teabags, it creates a gorgeous colour drink, tastes delicious and is oh-so-comforting on a chilly wintry day. In my new festive mug, it is just a little bit perfect. Somewhat more of a luxurious treat than your everyday six-times-a-day cuppa.

It makes me want to curl up on the sofa, dogs at my feet, in front of a warming fire with a Christmas film and a tin of Quality Street.

AND GUESS WHAT!? You can get 20% off at teapigs with the code XMAS13 until the end of December (excludes cheeky deals, mix & match and match kits), if you should be so inclined as to purchase some Christmas in a mug for yourself or your loved ones. Having had a browse of the website myself, I can tell you there are some rather enticing gifts on the teapigs Christmas shop.

Thanks, fellow tea freaks!


  1. Hey! I have always wanted to try these teas, ever since I saw essiebutton going on and on about them!
    I am trying to get a small blogger secret santa started and was just wondering if you would be interested, you can read more in the link on my blog...
    love you blog!

    1. Thanks Rachel and thanks for the invite. I'll check it out :)

  2. I've always thought of myself as more of a coffee girl but I had a cup of tea over the weekend for the first time in months and realised what I'd been missing! Festive tea sounds amazing - I'll definitely be trying some of this!!
    xo Amy

    1. Oh gosh, Amy, you definitely need to get back into tea! I'm not a coffee gal, but tea FTW I say. Enjoy your festive tea :) X

  3. This stuff looks amazing!! Need to try it out x

    1. I definitely recommend you do, Hollie :) X


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