Monday, 16 December 2013

On Rachel's Christmas List: Alex Monroe Bumblebee necklace

If you know Alex Monroe jewellery, the chances are that their bumblebee necklace is the first thing that springs to your mind. It's become a classic, worn by everyone from Sienna Miller to Emma Watson. I remember when I met one of my favourite journalists, Bryony Gordon, at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Picnic in Buckingham Palace (casually dropping that in, sorry), I noticed that she was wearing one too, thus enhancing my I-want-to-be-you-when-I-grow-up mindset.

Alas, I don't own any Alex Monroe jewellery (yet), despite having been a big fan for a while - I know, I know, the bumblebee necklace isn't anything new, but that doesn't mean it's not blogworthy. Whether in a little gift shop in Clifton or John Lewis in Leicester, I've stopped on many a shopping trip to admire their fine gold and silver jewellery.

Sienna Miller
The thing is, I think my first foray into the brand needs to be the classic, just like how my first Tiffany jewellery purchase was their iconic 'Return to Tiffany' little silver heart necklace. Sure, you could take the mindset, 'Why choose the same thing everyone else has?' But there's a reason everyone loves these little bumblebees so much - they're absolutely adorable.

The Alex Monroe Bumblebee necklace has developed almost a cult status, and has spawned innumerable copycats. But there's only one original.

And once I'm the proud owner of my own little bumblebee, I shall happily create a family of little creatures - I've particularly got my eye on the dragonfly pendant.

Silver bee
Simultaneously classy and cute, I love the juxtaposition of fine gold jewellery and a quirky little bee. The necklace is available in both silver and gold, and despite often wearing silver jewellery myself, I personally think the silver bee's got nothing on his gold counterpart. I can't quite explain why, but the gold buzzy little fella seems to have a little something more about him.

Then there's the question of size. The classic bumblebee necklace has a 3cm wingspan, and his younger baby bro is a mere 0.5mm smaller. It's hard to know which size is preferable without trying them on, but here's my thinking: If I had a long chain, I think the classic bumblebee would be better than the little baby, but if the pendant was to hang up by my collar bone on a shorter chain, perhaps the little one would look better. What do you think?

Whether baby or daddy, the bees are intricately detailed, and I reckon they're going to be timeless classics. Fine jewellery doesn't break or fade and should last a lifetime. In my opinion, pretty jewellery is always a good present, and I know I'd be thrilled to find a little bumblebee nestling in my stocking on Christmas morning. I'd certainly be buzzing. (Sorry.)

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