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REVIEW: Plus Hostel Prague

Seeing as Bayreuth is actually extremely close to the Czech Republic, I couldn't not pop over the border for a visit to Prague at some point during my time here in Germany. And having decided on a group and a date, the next step was to choose a hostel. Having had such a great experience in Plus Hostel Berlin, I immediately suggested Plus Prague to my friends. OK, I basically said 'We're going here', but they didn't mind (I think.)

So, dear friends and fellow budget travelers, here is my review of Plus Hostel in Prague.

We arrived late Friday afternoon, it was already dark, and we were feeling slightly weary from wandering round the city with our bags for a few hours (we may all be 20 and 21 years old but we get exhausted as much as the next 60 year old... Oh, to be 17 again, eh?). Upon arrival, we were offered a couple of cups of free hot wine to share as we checked in. And they certainly went down a treat. A non-essential but lovely touch, don't you think?

The man behind the desk was delightfully friendly, and after paying our ridiculously cheap fee for two nights, we were all sorted and headed up to our room. In fact, every staff member we met was personable and very helpful.

I really like the interior of the Plus hostels I've stayed in - they're all funky, modern and younthful (appropriate, for a youth hostel, eh?) I know a lot of hostels are really, just, well, grotty. Not the case with Plus Prague, my friends. Even though you only really need a place to rest your head at night, it's nice to do so somewhere pleasant.

Standard bathroom
But the best thing about Plus Prague (in my opinion)? EVERY ROOM HAS AN ENSUITE BATHROOM! For reals. It's a hostel, but private bathrooms come as standard. If you've only ever stayed in hotels, you may be thinking, 'Yeah, and..?', but in most hostels, the bathrooms are communal, and that does not fly so well with this gal.

So, along with our ensuite bathroom (actually, we kind of had two bathrooms - one with loo and washbasin, the other with shower and another washbasin), we were in a room for four. Oh yes, no massive dorms at Plus Prague! (Well, there are some bigger ones, but hey.)

These are not my friends. I don't know them. This is a picture off the website. Just to clear that up.
Our room consisted of a bunk bed, two single beds, two bedside tables, four lockers, a desk and a chair. The beds were really comfy and made-up with proper duvets and sheets - often in hostels you have to bring your own bedlinen, but all we needed of our own was towels.

There was one slightly less-than-great feature though, my friend Ollie's sheet had a random purple stain on it. I imagine it was from a previous red wine incident and obviously it wasn't the end of the world, but not the best thing ever.

The room was warm, clean and spacious, and it was all we needed really. Loo roll and soap were provided, and the shower was enjoyably powerful.

Another of the best things about Plus Prague? Free wifi throughout the whole hostel, and a quick, good connection too. Definitely an attractive factor for us youths. There are also free computers that anyone can use which is nice.

On the whole, Plus Prague is really well-equipped. Usually when staying at a hostel, you don't actually spend much time there, but should you want to, you'd have an array of things to do - there's a pool, sauna, bar, restaurant and general chill-out area.

The one marginal down-side to Plus Prague? The location. It's a little out of the centre, and while it only takes around 15 minutes on the tram to get into the main part of Prague, it would have been a little better to be somewhere that wouldn't require taking public transport around. That said, out of the centre means quieter and public transport is really cheap in Prague.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend Plus Prague. Really, it's more like a hotel than a hostel, yet still at cheap hostel prices. Trendy inside, friendly staff and generally a pleasant place to stay. Win, win, win and win.

PS. You know there's a big ole blog post about my trip to Prague coming soon...

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