Sunday, 12 January 2014

15 of my favourite women to follow on Twitter

I love Twitter. Don’tcha just love Twitter? How did we live without it? In fact, how do all the crazy people who aren’t on Twitter live now? How do they find out breaking news, discover hilarious buzzfeeds, live vicariously through other far more exciting/glamorous/fun people, read social commentary from people far funnier than your actual friends while watching TV, and admire pictures of people’s dinners!? (Well, I suppose there's Instagram for the latter...)

It’s been nearly five years since I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, and before that, I was a child really. So for me, the concept of life without Twitter seems odd. You may think I’m attaching too much importance to a mere website, but hey, what can I say?

With Twitter, you can essentially create your own magazine/newsfeed/friendship group, and you only have to hear from the people you find interesting. Pretty neat, huh? Not that all my actual friends aren't super interesting. Of course.

Aaaaaand there’s always something new going on! Bored at a bus stop? Twitter! Waiting for the kettle to boil? Twitter! Trying to distract yourself from the fact that you’re exercising while on a stationary bike (just me?)? TWITTER! It's always there for you.

Twitter is so important business and career-wise now too, but I could rant on for hours about that. In fact, a while ago I actually did write a post about how you can use social media to get ahead in your career – Twitter has certainly been amazing for me in that area.

Speaking of, I had a job interview last week (more on that later… maybe. Sorry), and one of the questions I was asked was, ‘Who do I like to follow on Twitter?’ And when put on the spot like that, it wasn’t the easier thing to answer. Naturally, I thought of about a billion better answers afterwards, but that’s always the case with job interviews, isn’t it?

It got me thinking. I follow a lot of different publications for news updates, I follow celebrities, I follow people whose jobs I’d love to have or those who work in industries I’m interested in, but d’you know what? Sometimes I just follow people because they’re funny.

I started compiling a list of my favourite tweeters, and I realised they were pretty much all female. So yeah, let's hear it for the sisterhood!

Today I give you some of my favourite ladies on Twitter. I blatantly will have missed someone off, and if it’s you, I’M REALLY SORRY! But I hope if you don’t already follow this lot you might consider doing so. They’re great. Oh, and do hit me up with other suggestions!

In no particular order…

1. MummyBarrow - @MummyBarrow

2. Emma Kennedy - @EmmaK67

3. emma freud - @emmafreud

4. Positive Troll - @ThPositiveTroll  (OK, can't be certain on the gender of this one but I'm including him/her anyway)

5. Alison Perry - @iamalisonperry

6. Hadley Freeman - @HadleyFreeman

7. Common White Girl - @CommonWhiteGrls

8. Caroline Corcoran - @cgcorcoran 

9. Elizabeth Windsor - @Queen_UK 

10. Sarah Millican - @SarahMillican75

11.  Busola Evans - @busolaevans

12. Caitlin Moran - @caitlinmoran 

13. Jo Elvin - @jo_elvin 

14. Dawn O'Porter - @hotpatooties 

15. Bryony Gordon - @bryony_gordon 

So yes. Go follow them all! As you've probably gathered, these are all women I admire, both for their Twitter wit and actual real life careers. People I'd like to be, I suppose. Potentially excluding Her Maj, but ya know, she does say Prince Harry's up for going on Take Me Out, so there may be a way into the Royal fam for me yet...


  1. Thank you for sharing your favourite accounts! I have no Twitter tough haha but I will keep it in mind when I'll maybe start an account one day. I get what you say that Twitter can be very interesting business wise and to get to know people, but honestly I wouldn't know what to tweet about other than 'I just saw a bird' or 'I just had pasta' so for the moment I'll pass for it :p Very good article tough!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Emilie! I'm sure you'd love Twitter if you got into it. Maybe one day :) X


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