Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Kate Spade year of 'places to go, people to see', and my fave picks from the Brighton-inspired collection.

Kate Spade have dedicated 2014 to 'places to go, people to see.' Having well and truly caught the travel bug on my year abroad (just click the travel tab to peruse my adventures), I am obviously loving this. With nearly nine months left of my year abroad to go, 'places to go, people to see' is the perfect theme for my 2014 too.

Just as my beloved Kate Spade perfume inspires me to live colorfully (silly American spelling aside), the brand is encouraging us to travel colorfully in 2014. I love it.

"Seeing new things, tasting exotic foods, hearing different music, meeting interesting people, speaking new languages, dancing new rhythms…not only are these things fun, but they illuminate our day and the memories (and souvenirs) stay with us forever." Preach.

In last weekend's Telegraph magazine there was the most fabulous article about Deborah Lloyd, the British president and chief creative officer responsible for turning Kate Spade New York into the massively successful lifestyle brand it is today.

As I read, I couldn't help exclaim, 'YES!' at how much I agreed with, well, everything. I quote:

"The new Kate Spade New York sells handbags - but the brand also sells a sense of magical possibility to the type of woman who goes weak at the knees when faced with sequined prom dresses and fuchsia velvet sofas." (Yup, that's definitely me.)

And also: "Kate Spade is a minimalism-free zone." Welcome to my wardrobe, home and life.

So, with this in mind, I was très excited to hear about Kate Spade's theme for the year. And get this, the first stop on the Kate Spade year of travelling colorfully is none other than good ole Brighton, England! Repping for the Brits. Brilliant.

I personally have never been to London-by-the-sea (or so it's known) but have always wanted to. Maybe this will be the year! And, obviously, I shall travel there colorfully. I love that Brighton has inspired the latest Kate Spade collection...

Love that Deborah Lloyd quote
Having had a little peruse of the latest Kate Spade offerings, I can tell you - surprise surprise - I adore it.

It's the time of year when we all really want to escape to the sunshine, and admiring Kate Spade's travel colorfully campaign may have just pushed me over the edge...

Don't you just want to be her?

The Brighton-inspired collection has a fab 60's feel and is full of sorbet shades that are perfect for Spring. It pays homage to travel, nods specifically to the sights, sounds and vibrancy of Brighton Beach, and pays a special tribute to all that is the great British seaside. Isn't that lovely?

Here are my faves:

The Charles Street Audrey bag

Miss Penny's Emanuelle clutch

Miss Penny's Bon Shopper

The Brighton Girl iPhone case (ignoring the fact that I am a commoner with a mere iPhone 4.)

Gumdrop Gem earrings

Fairgrounds studs

The Blakely dress

Isn't it all just so retro and sweetie-like and springy and ice-creamy and gorgeous? Yes, yes it is. (That was a rhetorical question. There is no debate here.)

Now tell me, dear friends, which are your favourites? Have a browse of the whole wonderful collection here and let me know! *goes off dreaming of a colourful, sunny holiday*


  1. In luuuuurve with the Charles Street Audrey bag and the gumdrop earrings! Going to have a look at the rest of the collection now :)

    1. You and me both! I'm glad to hear it. Thanks for the comment and enjoy browsing :) X

  2. Love your picks from the new collection!

    1. Thanks Hollie! And I love the coat in your latest post by the way :) X

  3. Gorgeous choices, it's a great collection :)


    1. Thanks Sophie! Couldn't agree more :) x

  4. Ooh gosh, I adore Kate Spade! Love your pics, we definitely have similar tastes!

    Belle x
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