Thursday, 20 February 2014

30 fun things I want to experience before I'm 30.

I wrote myself this list a few years ago – I can’t remember exactly when, silly me didn’t put the date – but I recently rediscovered it lurking at the end of my list of notes on my phone.

It sure made for interesting reading, and, pleasingly, I’m now able to tick off a few things without even having set out to achieve them. Hoorah! When I wrote this list, I wasn’t planning on making a conscious effort to achieve these tasks. It was more a way of me putting pen to paper finger tips to phone screen and thinking about the experiences I want to have while I’m young.

Because this is the time, people! We’re told ALL. THE. TIME. that we MUST. NOT. waste the freedom that comes with youth, because otherwise we shall grow old with REGRETS! (And they’re the worst, aren’t they?) To quote five oh-so-wise young gentlemen, we need to "Live while we're young." Preach.

A lot of my list is cliché, somewhat superficial, perhaps overly ambitious and really rather cringey, but I don’t think that’s a problem. Equally, they’re not specifically things you need to be under 30 to achieve – of course not! Age is no barrier to life. I think I just wanted to set myself a little target. Only eight and a half years to go!

I love a good list. You probably know that. I have far too many of them. This isn’t a list of my life or even career goals, but just a fun little selection of experiences I’d like to have.

Some of them might make you think, ‘You’ve never done that? Really?’ And others may make you go, ‘Yeah, keep dreamin’, sweetheart. Like that’s going to happen any time soon…’ But a gal’s gotta dream, hasn’t she?

So, without further ado...

1. Ride in a hot air balloon

2. Scuba dive and snorkel through corals and tropical fish

3. Climb a mountain

4. Go on a proper road trip

5. Sleep under the stars - done.

6. Learn self defence

7. Crash a party

8. Skydive

pic from
9. Ride a gondola in Venice

10. Fly first class

11. Move to another city - done.

12. Volunteer – done.

13. Ride a luxury yacht

14. Ballroom dance

15. Make a million

pic from
16. Ride a horse on a beach

17. Drive a convertible

18. Meet a member of the Royal Family

19. Have a spa day – in the pipeline!

20. Go to a film premiere

21. Ride a moped in a European city

pic from
22. Eat pizza in Rome

23. Sit in a fashion show front row

24. Do a run/cycle for charity - done.

25. Live in Paris

26. Own a Mulberry handbag - done.

27. Take a proper cookery course – also in the pipeline!

28. Go on a fitness or yoga break

pic from
29. Swim in a rooftop pool

30. Have afternoon tea at a posh hotel - done.

And there you have it! Safe to say I've got a way to go in achieving all this - any offers of help will be most gladly received! I'm pretty sure I could carry on listing things I want to do, places I want to visit and experiences I want to have for hours - my original list in actually longer - but I figured I'd stop at 30 (largely for the sake of this blog title.)

So what do ya think? Share any of my dreams/goals? Got any to add? Let me know!


  1. I think they're definitely achievable, especially if you've still got eight and a half years to go! Good luck :)

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  3. I really enjoy your post, I have some goals to achieve. I've done some of them, for instance, visit your country and Paris, so I wish you good luck. :)

    1. Thank you, hope you achieve your goals too :) x

  4. Great goals, I´m thirty four, so I will have to write my own list of things to do before I´m 40, looks like you will have fun, enjoy!

    1. Thanks Lina. Yes, do it! My list could be for any age really. Have fun! X

  5. Great post. It has really inspired me to write my own! I'm 23 so I'm actually tempted to write a list of 25 things to do before I'm 25 and then a separate list of things to do before I'm 30.
    Beth x

    1. Fab, Beth! Go for it. I'm so glad to hear this :) x


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