Monday, 3 February 2014

I've been shortlisted in the National UK Blog Awards 2014!

...and not only that, but Handbags and Cupcakes has made the shortlist in THREE categories! *pinches self*

Oww! Yup, this is definitely real.

I am so thrilled and excited to be able to share the news that I'm a finalist in the so-called 'Oscars of the blogging world', The National UK Blog Awards, in the categories 'Retail and Fashion', 'Food and Drink' and 'Young Person's Blog Award.'

We'd been told in advance that the shortlist was going to be announced at midnight British time last night, which meant 1am for me in Germany. Despite knowing my alarm would be going off a mere five and a half hours later (German schools start eeeeaaarly!), I obviously stayed up for the announcement, nervously keeping my fingers crossed.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to see little old Handbags and Cupcakes shortlisted in not one but THREE categories. Naturally, I was then too excited to sleep at all but what can ya do, eh? We'll power on through on adrenaline.

I'm really so very grateful to everyone who voted for me, and your support means the world. The next step involves the official judges monitoring all the shortlisted blogs over the next month or so, and then the winners will be announced at a swanky awards ceremony in London on 25th April. Exciting stuff, eh?

If ya fancy having a look at the shortlist, you can do so here - you have to click the Shortlist tab in the top right hand corner then scroll down to view the shortlist for each category separately. Oh, and in each category there's a section for personal blogs (of which Handbags and Cupcakes is one), as well as blogs run by organisations.

Awards like this are also a great way of discovering new blogs, so I hope you enjoy having a peruse.

I love blogging and so this really means the world to me. To get a little nod of recognition is such a boost, I can't tell you. Thank you all SO much, and if you'd all be so kind as to keep your fingers crossed for me, that'd be wonderful.

Thanks once again, lovely people!


  1. Congrats rach, well deserved! Got my fingers crossed for you! x

    1. Thank you so much, Liv. I really appreciate it :) x

  2. Congratulations, it really is fantastic news! Are you going to be going to the awards ceremony?

    1. Thanks so much, Caitlin, and congratulations to you too! Excitement all round, eh? I'm not sure yet actually as it'll involve coming back from abroad... Would love to if possible though! What about you? X


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