Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lovely things I'm loving #3.

1. Whistle and Wolf skirt

Guys I’ve got a new skirt! And isn’t she a beaut?

My new Green Floral Brocade Skirt was a lovely present from the Whistle & Wolf PR team – it came beautifully wrapped, too - thanks girls! How lucky am I!?

Obvs looks better on the model
Apparently, the Whistle & Wolf girl is flirtatious, frivolous and fun for S/S 14, and the collection is full of feminine dresses and a mix of sophisticated and mischievous prints. Unsurprisingly, I love the bright colours, bold prints and girly, retro shapes, and my fave piece is definitely this new skirt!

As a gal who doesn’t have a massive waist-to-hip difference, the A-line shape is just perfect for me, and I’m a huge fan of all things floral and shiny. Interwoven with gold thread, the skirt has a somewhat prim, posh and pretty vibe to it, which I absolutely adore.

It’s quite short so unfortunately won’t be a goer for school days. Unless I’m channelling Miss Mackenzie (yup, one for the Busted fans out there)… “I drop my pencil on the floor, she bends down and shows me more.” Probs not ideal.

I shall, however, style my skirt with thick, ribbed, grey, woollen tights to add a casual daytime touch, and whack out the sheer black 60 deniers (maybe even 40 come March WHAAAT!) for evening. With a simple black top or perhaps my cream pussy bow blouse, I’ll let my skirt do the talking. Perhaps with my knee-high patent boots too? Oh yes, I think so.

My skirt’s a size 10 and fits perfectly. Grab one for yourself for £45 online here!

2. Mulberry ‘ballet pink’ 

School Shirt
I want to be her.
OK, so truth be told I love about 97.634% of all things Mulberry, but I am particularly in love with everything in one of their latest shades, ballet pink. Maybe it’s because I’ve done ballet since I was two and it makes me think of years of soft, scuffed, well-loved pink ballet shoes. Or maybe it’s because I never grew out of that super girly phase and I love pink like a little girl. Meh.

Bow Clutch Wallet
Bow clutch wallet
When combined with the little ladylike bow as it is on a few of the oh-so-pretty purses and wallets, it’s almost too much for my inner nine-year-old to handle.

But it’s (for once) not just the bags I’m on about either, oh no. There are beautiful blazers, blouses, skirts and shoes in this most delightful of shades too.

In my opinion, grown-up women don’t wear enough pink. I think there’s this fear that we won’t be taken seriously if we do, but that’s just not the case. Especially not with so sophisticated a shade as ballet pink. (The same may not apply to neon pink though… see Katie Price circa 2005. *shudders*)

3. Betty Brice clutches

Betty Brice is another new discovery for me of late, and I am now a big admirer of her gorgeous clutches. I quote: “Romance, glitter and a love for all things 1920's. Betty Brice Bags are nostalgic, extravagant and frivolous, reflecting a sense of fun from the last days of decadence!” Um, YES!

The collections – very sweetly designed by two sisters and inspired by their grandmother’s wardrobe – are playful, sophisticated and oh-so-British. AKA, totally me. All design and production takes place in England which is awesome. I love the fact that each clutch is named after a different 20s flapper girl and am a big fan of the sparkling glitter fabric combined with the sumptuous soft leather.

That’s the Betsy – perf for an evening out, don’tcha think? And SO. PRETTY. But then there’s also the Kitty (tee hee that rhymed), which is perhaps a bit more wearable on a day-to-day business. I love the ‘I need a holiday’ slogan… Who can’t relate to that, eh?

Alas, they’re not the cheapest of clutches - £125 for the Kitty and £140 for the Betsy – but aren’t they lovely? And at half-price, I’m particularly tempted by the patent peach ‘LOVE’ Kitty - £70 in the sale.

Valentine’s Day present to myself, maybe? It’s not like anyone else is going to give me a present. *cries but doesn’t really because she’s totally happy being single thanks very much, society*

4. Canvas Design photo print

It was my dad’s birthday on Monday. Obviously (and tragically), being in Germany and all meant I couldn’t celebrate with him in person, but I somewhat riskily ordered a present to be delivered to dear old Dad at home all the same. Readers, it all went swimmingly!

After umming and ahhing over which photo to choose for some time (and enjoying going through tons of old photos in the process), I finally picked one and had it printed on to an 18x14 inch canvas by Canvas Design. The canvas arrived the day before my dad’s birthday, and he loves it! YAY! They also told me beforehand on which day it’d be delivered – very impressive. Thanks Canvas Design.

The photo was only one from my iPhone (of my siblings and mum AKA all my dad’s fave people, I hope), yet it’s come out great. Dad took the picture on our family holiday in Brittany last summer, so hopefully it’ll transport him back there every time he sees it. I don’t know about you, but I find dads jolly hard to buy for. However, I feel a nice framed photo or big print is always a winner.

Delivery is free with Canvas Design, and they’ve also been so kind as to offer Handbags and Cupcakes readers a 15% discount with the code ‘BLOG15’. Isn’t that nice? Thanks, guys!

5. Russell and Bromley bag

Speaking of presents… If I was rich I would so buy this for my sister. She’s called Holly. My sister, that is. Oh, but also the bag. Hence why I would buy it for her.

I love Russell and Bromley – give me a bit of that fine leather any day – and have been waiting for the Mini Willow in bordeaux to be reduced for over a year (I’m still hopeful!)

The Holly is one of R&B’s latest bags, and I think it’s a real beaut, don’t you? Particularly enjoyable as there’s also one called Ivy. Get it? The Holly and The Ivy? Tee hee hee.

Lovely leather
Oh, and there’s Monique too, which is almost my mum’s name (Monica.) Kind of. Ish. Not bothered that there’s no Rachel though… That gap is wide-open for a new beautiful bag inspired by yours truly. I have no doubt it’ll be the new It Bag. Alexa who? Sorry, I’m getting sidetracked by my handbag/life dreams…

The Holly is the big sister of the iconic Ivy, and is one of those classic totes that would go with everything. With multiple compartments and pockets, it really is as practical as it is chic – très important, I’m sure you’ll agree.

At £295, however, I’m not going to be able to splash out on my sister... Sorry, shweet’eart! But hey, we can admire from afar, right?

Question: are you ever more tempted by bags/shoes/clothes because of their name? I’m intrigued…

That’s all the pretty stuff I’ve got to share with you today, folks! Did you particularly like anything? Let me know! Stay tuned for more lovely things soon.


  1. I do love that skirt, definitely going to have a browse on their website (though looking at my budget I really shouldn't!)

    1. Do, Chloe! Ha ha I'm sure it'll be OK to treat yourself as a one off :)

  2. I'm up for petitioning for a 'Rachel' bag to be the next big thing... x

  3. Wow to the skirt!!!


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