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REVIEW: The beautiful Bavaria City Hostel, Füssen.

Right. So I'm just going to start by saying Bavaria City Hostel in Füssen is without a doubt the nicest hostel in which I've every stayed. We spent just one night there to facilitate our visit to Neuschwanstein Castle (which was AWESOME!), and quite frankly, I'm a little sad we weren't staying longer.

Here's what we LOVED about the hostel:

It's in an AMAZING location! Füssen isn't big, but the hostel is about three minutes walk from the train station, right in the town centre. It's actually located on the beautiful pedestrianised main street, where bakeries, boutiques, high street shops and restaurants sit alongside each other, looking up to the church at the end. Our room had a great big window overlooking the street below, yet it wasn't noisy at all. We slept through the night undisturbed and woke up to a beautiful view over the bustling Saturday morning below.

The staff are lovely. Bavaria City Hostel is run by Dominik and his mother, and they're both delightfully friendly and helpful. As the hostel is not even four months old, they were both really keen to hear our feedback and really wanted us to enjoy our stay.

The whole interior is GORGEOUS, both bedrooms and communal areas - Dominik even gave us a little tour. The hostel isn't huge, but it's very tastefully and trendily decorated. Every room has a different theme, is totally unique, and you can actually choose your room when booking online. There are different-sized dorms as well as private double rooms with their own bathroom.

Orientalische Nacht
Blue Ocean
Rose Garden
Mountain Lodge
Have you ever seen hostel rooms so gorgeous!? I sure hadn't.

Kinda wish my bedroom looked like this.
Our room? Well, we were in Purple Garden (no prizes for guessing who picked that one) - a pretty pink and purple five-bed dorm. And even better, as it's low-season, Emily and I had the whole room to ourselves whoop whoop!

Making myself at home...
Although you have to make the beds up yourself upon arrival (well, we must remember it is still a hostel even if nicer than a lot of hotels), Bavaria City Hostel provides proper fitted sheets (a bit of a rarity in Germany!) and lovely bed linen. We were snug as bugs in very pretty rugs!

Also, each bed has a reading lamp, and there are hooks, lockable drawers, plenty of sockets and good blackout curtains in every room.

One of the best things about Bavaria City Hostel (as far as I'm concerned)? FREE TEA! Obvs I'd brought my own British tea (a must for a Brit abroad), but we also enjoyed an unlimited supply of fruity teas.

The TV/tea area
Alongside the tea, the hostel provides a flat-screen TV for its guests. Emily and I thoroughly enjoyed watching a bit of the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony and then later a cheeky spot of Eat Pray Love (dubbed in German, natch), while sipping our fruity teas.

One of the private bathrooms.
The showers and toilets are as modern and stylish as the rooms: wonderful, hot, power showers, heated towel rails and hairdryers too. It was pretty luxurious to be honest.

And the communal facilities/

That said, there were a few teeny tiny little negatives (which I've no doubt will be improved upon):

Although the showers were nice and big, there were no private changing sections for each one and there was a slight problem with water escaping from the shower. However, we were assured the staff were already aware of this and getting brand new showers in the next few weeks. Pretty impressive, really. Oh, and if I'm being really picky it would've been good to have a bin in the shower room too.

A couple of other little things I thought were lacking? Well, there was no mirror or washbasin in our room, which would've been nice although not essential.

There's no bar or vending machine which wasn't a problem for us but could be for others. There were apparently snacks and drinks on sale at reception though.  Equally, the hostel don't offer breakfast, but they do a have a deal with a bakery/café round the corner. Personally, I don't think this is an issue at all as the location is so great that you can just pop out to find a multitude of breakfast options.

I don't think Füssen is really the place you visit for the nightlife, but if you were hoping to stay out late and then enjoy a lie-in, you may not be best pleased with the 7.30-9.30am check-out time. But don't worry, there's a useful luggage-storage room. Equally, the reception is only staffed during particular hours of the day which is perhaps not the most ideal ever.

And one final niggle? They don't offer free wifi. This is a bit of a problem in my eyes, as most hostels do. It may only cost 2€, but I think it should be a-given that hostels offer free wifi.

Realistically, I'm just being picky. Bavaria City Hostel is absolutely fantastic. It's more like a boutique hotel than a hostel really, and I'd happily go back. I wasn't surprised to see actual old people (well, over 50 and thus most definitely not the youths you usually find in hostels) checking in as we left, or to hear that a wedding party had booked the whole hostel for a night.

Honestly, I've never seen a hostel anywhere near as nice as this, and considering the prices are still youth-friendly, I'm rather amazed. It's a beautiful hostel in a beautiful town, and I'd thoroughly recommend Bavaria City Hostel. Thanks for a great stay!

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