Friday, 14 March 2014

REVIEW: Nokia Lumia 1320.

Hey guys, remember a few months ago when I reviewed the Nokia Lumia 925? Weeeeell Nokia got in touch again asking if I'd like to trial and review one of their newer phones, the Lumia 1320, and as a gal who loves playing with shiny, new things, I obviously said yespleaseandthanksverymuch.

So, my dears, allow me to share my thoughts:

My first impression? Geez, it's big! And red. Personally, I wouldn't have chosen red, but worry not, there are other colours on offer. Black, white and yellow, to be precise, so in my opinion, not particularly great colours, I'm afraid. But if red and yellow are to you what pink and blue are to me then you may very well feel down right SPOILED for choice.

But yes, colour aside, the Nokia 1320 is BIG. In fact, I would call it more of a phablet than a phone. But I feel the size makes it almost like an iPad Mini. Have I told you my view on iPad Minis? They're not really iPhones or iPads (poor confused little guys) and sitting halfway inbetween surely mean they don't really fill either position? Well, that's just my thinking anyway.

Next to my iPhone 4
If you were to consider the Nokia Lumia 1320 a little tablet rather than a phone, then I'm sure you'll find it wonderful. But seeing as it does take a simcard and is meant to be a phone, it seems too big to me. Holding it up to my ear as if talking to someone was awkward, as was just holding it in my hand. And I even have big hands. Another negative in my view is that it definitely wouldn't fit in any of my pockets, which was annoying.

However, macho size and red colour aside, I do think the phone/phablet has a sleek, attractive design, and I'm a fan of the stylish Windows homepage thingymajiggy (I'm all over the technical vocab.)

I like the responsiveness of the touchscreen - it was very easy to use and quite intuitive. Who can be bothered to read instruction manuals these days? Exactly. No-one.

Cheeky photobomb from la chienne
Equally, the camera on the phone is very good. 

Oh look, another dog.
The quality of the pictures was fab and then there's a massive range of different photo effects you can play with. And I did. It was fun.

When testing out the web browser, I was pleased to find it was pretty quick. At first, I couldn't work out how to go back a page on the internet which was frustrating, but luckily I worked it out eventually. Phew, I know. 

I thought the Nokia Lumia 1320 was a great size for browsing news websites and reading articles, although for some reason it didn't want to load some blogs properly. That displeased me slightly.

And as well as reading news online, the phone has a cool little book/magazine store which again makes the large screen an advantage. I personally don't like reading articles and the like on my iPhone as I think the screen's too small. Not so with the Lumia 1320, my friends.

Another plus? The Nokie Lumia 1320 has Microsoft Office.

Sure, it's not crucial on your phone, but I think I'd definitely find it useful myself.

So, to sum-up: everything is positive for me except the size (oh, OK and the colour), but whether you use it as a GIANT phone or a phablet, the Nokia Lumia 1320 gets a thumbs up from me!

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