Monday, 3 March 2014

Springtime shopping.

Guess who just went on a massive shopping spree?! If you've been following my tweets this is going to be an easy one. THIS GAL! *points to self with thumbs*

Oh yes, I've got the post-shopping high. Endorphins are running through me and I am BUZZING. Just like after you eat chocolate. Or go for a run. (Unless you eat too much chocolate and run too far. Everything in moderation eh?)

Here are the reasons my shopping spree was totally justified:

1. I've just received some delayed birthday money.
2. I haven't been shopping since Christmas (bar the odd online purchase.)
3. It's spring now so I need new spring clothes.
4. I'm about to start a new job in Brussels so need to look the part.
5. I need a fix of the British high street before I leave the country for six months again.
6. One of my suitcases full of clothes (shipped from Germany) seems to be lost somewhere in Europe. Ideal.

So, can ya blame me, really?

Spring has sprung, and this morning even Leicester looked beautiful - it ain't the nicest of cities in my opinion, but that pic at the top of this post? Yeah, that's Leicester! Not too shabby at all then.

When it's busy, a shopping trip can be foul, but I figured Monday morning was probably one of the quietest times to go. Mum's working, none of my friends are at home and to be honest, I really like shopping by myself (I tend to become something of a woman on a mission), so that's exactly what I did.

A shopping trip becomes more expensive when you have to factor in café stops though, but any shopper with stamina still needs sustenance! I was recently sent some of these new Kingsmill Mini Toasts to try and I must say they're totally delicious (as well as being under 100 cals per bag!) My other fave healthy snack of late is these Nakd fruit and nut bites. They are so beyond delicious and literally just mushed up fruit and nuts (as appealing as that sounds.)

So, with a (beloved Kate Spade) bag full of snacks, I set off into sunny Leicester feeling delightfully Springy in my bright turquoise pumps, floaty stripey dress, pastel bag of beauty and even sunglasses (opaque black tights and oversized purple coat aside. Baby steps towards summer.)

And as I strolled through the street, Caffe Nero gave me a free mini chocolate milkshake and a random passer-by told me he liked my shoes. How nice is that? I tell ya, sunshine makes everyone happy and I was feeling GREAT! I'm fairly certain positive things happen to positive people/

Today I'm also wearing my new Muru teapot necklace, oh-so-kindly gifted to me by the online jewellery boutique, Lulu Winter. I received my necklace beautifully packaged in a little jewellery box, with a little note about the teapot too. How cute!?

Could not agree more.
I mean, it's just perfect for me in so many ways: I am a total tea addict and drink ludicrous quantities daily (I have been known to have emergency teabags in my bags), I love throwing tea parties and I'm a total home-girl. On a year when I'm doing so much travelling and spending, well, practically the whole year away from home, this little pendant is a lovely little reminder.

Selfie time! (It's more fun to pull a silly pout than try to actually look good.)
The pendant is only little which is great considering it's not a long chain. I absolutely LOVE it! You can grab one for yourself for £75 from Lulu Winter here (and I have actually seen it at a more expensive price on other websites!)

So, already feeling the rush of joy from my shiny new necklace, it didn't take long for me to get into the shopping mindset. I find that once you've made one purchase, you get that rush, followed by a somewhat crazy look in your eye, and then all you want to do is BUY BUY BUY! (Just me?)

I'm not going to harp on about everything I bought today as otherwise we'd be here all night (I was treating myself, OK?) but allow me to share some of my faves with you:

Remember this burgundy heart-print shirt I fell in love with before Christmas? Weeeell it would seem New Look have now brought out a gorgeous pale pink version for spring. Obviously, I was going to get myself one. Don'tcha just loooove it?

An enjoyable necklace-shirt combo, non?
Full-price my shirt was £17.99 but HELLO STUDENT DISCOUNT! I got mine for £16.19. YAY!

OK, I'm going to tell you now that I am a total slave to the seasons. Every year come spring I just want to buy and wear pastel shades, floral prints and nautical styles. I know, I know, I'm a cliché (and probably am too influenced by magazines) but I just can't help it.

With that in mind, say hello to new top number 2!

The dog was licking my feet.

A Primark STEAL at £8. Who could say no? I simply adore the bow detail on the back and am hoping the puff sleeves will result in the rest of me looking slimmer. Well, whether it does or not, I'm a big fan of this top. I'm thinking nice sleek blouses and shirts will be perf for my springtime smart-casual office attire. #internlife

Oh, and notice those pastel pink jeans I'm wearing above? Yarp, I bought them today too!

Here I am in the Topshop changing room. What fun.
Colourful skinny jeans = my uniform. I have a ridiculous number of pairs, and this ankle-grazing pale pink pair are SO what I need in my life right now. Don't you agree? Topshop call them the "MOTO Pale pink leigh super soft skinny jeans". I call them lovely pink skinnies. £38 sans student discount (obvs I got my 10% off though HOORAH!)

Smart skinny jeans, smart top, smart bag... This is a look I enjoy. Although I think the pale pink blouse and pale pink jeans together may even be too much pink for me. Maybe.

And yes, you may have noticed that 90% of my wardrobe is blue or pink but they're my favourite colours and they make me happy, okay?

Speaking of which, I may also have purchased myself a new onesie... (From Primark, obvs.)

I look like an idiot here, I know.
So on that note, it's probably time for me to snuggle up with a cuppa and enjoy my pretty new things.

What do you think of my purchases? Do you share my springtime shopping feelings? Let me know and I hope you all find the time (and cash) to treat yourselves to something pretty!


  1. I love the tea pot necklace! My 'home' address is also very near Leicester, what a coincidence! I do love the rural areas around Leicester but agree it isn't the prettiest city! xx

    1. Rural Leicestershire is so lovely, I'm glad you agree :) Thanks Rosie! X

  2. That handbag is great! So chic, where's it from? Perfect colour for Spring/Summer!

    1. Thanks, Hannah. It's Kate Spade! x


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