Friday, 11 April 2014

REVIEW: Stationery Boxes

I know I'm not alone in my love for stationery. As wonderful as technology is, there's nothing quite like writing in a real-life diary, getting crafty with glue and glitter, and putting pen to paper (it almost seems like a novelty these days!)

So, when one of my lovely twitter followers, Loretta, got in touch to tell me about her new business idea for Stationery Boxes I was keen to share it with you all. Loretta says:

"I've noticed a lot of beauty blogger boxes making their way around the net and being more of a nerdy girl I have come up with the idea of having stationery boxes for those who share my love of cute stationery!"

Is that not a fab idea?

I originally thought: Hmm... It would really only work if the box was full of interesting cute bits and bobs and thus exciting to open - if the boxes just contained boring things like black biros and 15cm rulers they'd completely lose their charm. 

Equally, there'd be no point sending people things they already have and don't need more of, so it'd be best to stick to things that actually run out as well as unique, cute things.

So, with these thoughts in mind, I was keen to see what would arrive in my box...

It was beautifully packaged - always important, don't ya think? - with a little hand-written note inside. Little touches are important, people. And I was really quite excited to see what goodies I'd find inside...

Evidently Loretta had thought along the same lines as me, and she'd made sure to fill the box with really cute things, as promised.

So, just what was inside? Well...

We've got:
  • A set of Paperchase stickers (you can't go wrong with Paperchase, can you?)
  • One of my fave four-way girly coloured biros
  • Two sets of post-its, one heart-shaped, the other a star
  • Six rolls of colourful sticky tape - never used them before but I'm sure they will be a lovely addition to my craft-box
  • A cupcake pen (appropriate)
  • A Winnie-the-Pooh pencil (BIG FAN!)
  • One big and very pretty bulldog clip
  • Five paperclips, each with a pretty ribbon
  • One star-shaped paperclip - adorbs!
  • Four mini fruit rubbers - to be honest I'm not sure what I'll use them for as they really are teeeeny but they definitely have the cute factor!
So, lots of lovely stuff, don't you think?

I always say: why have a plain, boring something if you can have a pretty, lovely something that will brighten your day instead?  And it totally applies to stationery. Many a student will surely agree with me that the prospect of a new set of coloured fine-liners or highlighters can even sometimes result in the occurrence of revision. *gasp*

The boxes will be released quarterly and will cost no more than £15 delivered within the UK, international delivery is available but will be slightly more. So they're not the cheapest thing in the world, but they are cute, and even as a one-off, I think they're great. Wouldn't a stationery box make a lovely present?

The next available box is July and Loretta says people are under no obligation to purchase a box each quarter.

For more details, check out Loretta's Etsy page.

What are your thoughts? Do you share our love of stationery? And do you think you might be tempted by a Stationery Box? Let me know!

Thanks for my free box, Loretta!

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