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A boat trip round the Golfe de Morbihan and a visit to the Île aux Moines.

Sorry it's been a few days since my last post - I spent a couple of days travelling across France and then had a busy few back at work involving much fun but late finishes. But let's get back to last week's holiday, shall we?

Who doesn't love a good boat trip? I'm a bit of a wannabe mermaid, and have always loved the sea. Swimming in it, floating on it or just being by it. 

It was whilst at Crêperie Saint Georges last week that Madre picked up a leaflet for a company that do boat trips round the Gulf of Morbihan and to the Île aux Moines. And the next day, we were on that boat, cruising over the blue blue waves. 

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The Gulf of Morbihan is essentially one giiiiiant bay, nearly an enclosed lagoon really, on the south coast of Brittany, France. In fact, the distance between the two edges of the coast is just 900m across the water, but to drive round the land from one point to another is 60-70km!

Holly, Mum and I drove down to a village on the western point, Locmariaquer, and from there we hopped on the boat for our tour of the gulf. 

Somewhat incredibly, there are 42 islands in the gulf altogether, but a lot of them are pretty small. Many are owned by celebs, don'tcha know!

We whizzed over the waves, wind in our hair and sun on our faces, enjoying the views of the sparkly sea and idyllic-looking islands. 

Exhibit A: wind in hair.

Exhibit B: Sun on faces.
After an hour or so sailing the high seas, we arrived at the largest island in the gulf, L'Ile aux Moines. We had an hour and a half to explore the island before the boat would be back to pick us up, so we jumped off and hopped to it. 

The island is utterly charming. We thought it had something of a Grecian feel to it. Greece crossed with Norfolk maybe. 

It was quiet - the majority of people there seemed to be visitors like us. Even most of the people that actually live there over the summer live elsewhere during the rest of the year, so I imagine it must be almost eerily empty then. 

There are, of course, a few shops and eateries, but for anything substantial I guess you'd have to get a boat to the mainland first. 

The streets are narrow and there aren't many cars, and the houses lining them are gorgeous. Mainly old stone or painted white, with classic blue shutters and pretty flower baskets, they're all charming holiday homes. The ones with views over the sea seemed particularly lustworthy to me. 

Although most of the houses look old from the outside, a bit of cheeky peering in through windows told me they tend to be modern and very stylishly done inside. I suppose the people who can afford a second home for the summer are likely to have the funds to decorate their homes beautifully. 

What's more, everything on the island is just that little bit more expensive than on the mainland. Understandably. 

Still, because we were on holiday and thought yolo, we sat down for a spot of refreshment. Although the waitress who brought our drinks was stereotypically French in her lack of friendliness, I still thoroughly enjoyed my Breizh Cola. I love that all the restaurants in Brittany serve it. What a way to support local business. And also, it's delish. Sort of more cola-y than normal Diet Coke. 

Soon though, it was time to dash back to the port if we didn't want to be stuck on the island over night! With a few minutes to spare, there was, conveniently, just enough time to grab an ice cream before setting sail. 

I was torn between my faves: Magnum Double Caramel and Almond Magnum. Then I spotted this cheeky fella: Magnum Nuts and Caramel. 

Not the best picture, I'll admit, but I was too busy munching, sorry.
Not only is it, as Hannah Montana would say, the best of both worlds, it was also cheaper and way fewer calories than the other Magnums. Win-win-win! A little indulgence without giving me the food guilt. 

Back on the boat we went, goodbye to L'Ile aux Moines we waved, and back to Locmariaquer we sailed. Any other wannabe mermaids amongst you out there? And what are your favourite Magnums? (I'm genuinely interested!)

Here's the link for the boat trip company we used.

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