Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A breathtakingly beautiful Brussels sunset

That's the thing about sunsets: they're so very very beautiful, but just for a fleeting moment. As quickly as they arrive, they're gone again.

The sun sets every day, but it's not every day we get to see sunsets as beautiful as this one.

A couple of days ago I moved into a new flat here in Brussels. It's a bit of a long story how the move came about so I'll spare you the details, but my new place has the most incredible view over the city. I feel very lucky.

And on just my second night in the new flat, this happened:

Utterly breathtaking. I just stared out the window and savoured the view (after taking a few snaps, of course.) All of Brussels was bathed in the most beautiful orangey-pink light. It blows my mind that this just happens. Naturally.

When I left the flat that morning, it was chucking it down. And I mean full-on, fat, ploppy rain drops. I find it somewhat amazing that a day can start like that and finish like this.

The world is a wonderful place, nature is a marvellous thing, and we must always remember to stop and smell the roses, marvel at how birds can fly and appreciate the sunsets.

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  1. Oh beautiful! I'm so jealous that you're still abroad! When are you coming back to the UK... or are you? :p xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

    1. Thanks Lucy! Hee hee as tempting as it is to carry on living the year abroad dream my time here will be up at the very end of August and I'll be back on British soil in September. Hope you're enjoying being home! xxx


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