Friday, 18 July 2014

Crêperie Saint Georges - Carnac, Brittany, France.

Four years ago, I spent the week with an awesome French family near Carnac. One night, they took me out to their favourite local crêperie. And it was delicious.

Brittany is famous for its crêperies, serving up divine wholewheat savoury galettes and incredible sweet crêpes. It seems like every second restaurant is a crêperie round here!

Coming back to the little seaside town of Carnac this week with my family brought back all the memories from four years ago, and I immediately recognised the crêperie: Le Saint Georges. I was keen to go there again with the famalam.

I enjoyed all the matchy matchy going on.
Crêperie Saint Georges is a super stylish restaurant with a tasteful pink and grey colour scheme. That said, we didn't feel out of place having rolled off the beach, thrown on some clothes over our bikinis and rocked up for dinner.

It's a big restaurant with a huuuuge selection of galettes and crêpes on the menu, as well as salads (but really, who would choose a salad?)

In the afternoon it's also a café/tea room.

The staff were young, cool and friendly, and the clientèle trendy, largely French and a range of ages.

We sat down outside and placed our order - galettes all round and traditional cider to go with. Cider is traditionally served with crêpes and galettes, and I am SUCH a fan these days. Can't get enough of the sparkling appley stuff.

Before I could even take a sip, however, our galettes had arrived! The service is amazingly quick - when the table next to us were served their food, the children cried out, "déjà?!" in disbelief at the speed.

I went for la soubise-jambon. Soubise is basically an onion compote, and its sweetness complemented the slightly salty ham perfectly. The galette was crisp at the edges, slightly chewy in the centre and deliciously flavoursome. Almost cheesy.

Do you know what you have to do after eating a galette? Eat a crêpe. It's enshrined in French law. And we're not the type of family to get ourselves into trouble with the law...

So this happened:

A sweet crêpe stuffed with cooked apples, generously topped with caramel au beurre salé (salted caramel) and vanilla ice cream. A little like the pancakes I made for pancake day this year.

Caramel au beurre salé is another Breton culinary speciality (seriously, they have aaallll the good foods), and it's everywhere and in everything. Hey, I'm not complaining.

It was a pretty indulgent crêpe, but as the ice cream melted and all the flavours swirled together, it was heavenly. I scoffed the lot and had to try really hard to resist licking the plate.

As we waited to pay, the cider kicked in and the inevitable post-crêpe silliness occurred.

Our bill was brought with four mini Caramel Carambars - sweeties I used to love as a child. Obviously I did not need any more food, but I love restaurants that bring you a little something with the bill. It's those tiny touches that make a big difference in my eyes... Don'tcha think?

Le Saint Georges isn't the cheapest crêperie in Brittany, but in the context of dinner out and compared with other restaurants, it's still a good deal. You'd have to top a galette with solid gold to make it expensive.

It's a lovely, stylish restaurant with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, great service and delicious food at reasonable prices, all of which adds up to a lovely family evening. What's not to like?

Find Crêperie Saint Georges at 8 Allée du Parc, Carnac-Plage, Bretagne, France.

Tell me, ma dears, what are your fave crêpe/galette toppings?

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