Tuesday, 26 August 2014

30 reasons to absolutely love autumn

I am so happy! :)  The smell in the air today, the leaves blowing across the street, the cool night air. :) bliss.
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Geez I almost said 'fall' there. I’ve been spending too much time reading American blogs. No, not fall, autumn.

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season of them all. I love it. So much so that I’ve made this glorious list of my fave things about the season.

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Don’t get me wrong, I like summer too, and I reeeaaaally love heat. I hate being cold actually, but autumn shouldn’t really be freezing now, should it?

[See my joy?]
My autumn love may have something to do with the fact that September is my birthday month, and I’m a big birthday lover. Actually I’m just a celebration lover, hence: I love autumn.

September = my birthday. October = Halloween. November = Bonfire Night. And December? Well, let’s not get me started on Christmas. All in good time, my dears.

The combination of my birthday and back-to-school means September will always feel like a fresh start for me. It’s like a new year being born out of the sticky summer heat. OK maybe not in the UK or Belgium, but I am reliably told summer does get hot in some parts of the world.

Pic from Buzzfeed
Bright green leaves are nice, for sure, but the multi-coloured vibrancy of the trees in autumn is clearly superior in my opinion.

As the summer winds up and September approaches, I can’t help but feel tingly with excitement at the prospect of what’s about to come. So here are the things I love most about autumn, and why I think it’s the best season of them all:

Pumpkin Spice Latte
[pic from Starbucks]
1. Pumpkin-spiced lattes

2. Cinnamon-spiced anything

3. Tweed blazers

4. Honey-roast parsnips and carrots

Honey Roasted Carrots and Parsnips
[pic from loveandzest.com]
5. Roast dinners in general, swimming in gravy

6. Board games when it’s raining

7. Apple and blackberry picking

8. Apple and blackberry crumble, with lashings of custard

Apple crumble is a winter classic, but by adding berries to the fruit mix and ginger to the custard you serve with it, you give it some zing that makes it lighter.
[pic from taste.com.au]
9. Golden, brown, orange and auburn leaves

10. Playing “catch the leaves” as they fall

11. Stepping on a satisfyingly crunchy leaf

12. Swooshing through leaves as they cover the ground

13. Finding shiny conkers

14. The crispness of the air

15. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate and bowls of creamy porridge

16. Oversized, chunky cable-knit jumpers

Ruffled socks and boots. Perfect for #Fall #Autumn #Fashion
[pic from New Look]

17. Ankle boots

18. Knee-high boots

19. Hedgehogs

20. Wrapping up in a scarf

Quite looking forward to winter nights with hot choccy, oversized jumpers and cosy socks!
[pic from Hannah Harkness' Pinterest]
21. Not having to exfoliate, shave and moisturise all.the.time.

22. Smooth, warming vegetable soups

23. Hearty stews

24. Hot apple cider

25. Countryside walks

26. Hot water bottles

27. Blankets

28. Toffee apples

Toffee apples  #autumncovered
[pic from Alexis Merritt-Harding's Pinterest]
29. Fireworks

30. The fact that Christmas is next!

Do you share my autumn love? What are your fave things about the season?

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  1. Until I read this post I was quietly enjoying my French summer. Now I'd like to be back in the UK getting ready for autumn! Great post Rach!

  2. Pumpkin spice lattes!!! I am so excited!! Great post! Xx


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