Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The best bits from a break in Southern Brittany.

Some of you may recall a couple of weeks ago I went to Southern Brittany with my family. It was a lovely holiday, although it seems yonks ago now! I managed to write up a few blog posts about specific things (there was the medieval festival in Vannes, the boat trip to the Île aux Moines, and that epic crêperie), but we went to so many other pretty places that I unfortunately just haven't had time to blog about. Boo.

So, as a little taster, I thought I'd just share a few of my favourite snaps from some of the places we visited. Maybe it'll give you a little feel for the area, or it might just give you that holiday feeling for a few minutes, even if you are stuck at a desk in an office.

We stayed in a very peaceful little cottage in the middle of nowhere, and on the first morning, it was raining. Alas. However, with rain comes raindrops on roses, and we woke up to this stunning sight. 

The gorgeous roses were climbing up by the door of the old stone house.

Part of the reason we were in the countryside was so the doggies, Tippy and Peppa, could come with us. How cute is this: after Mama left to go and pick up goodies from the boulangerie, they just sat at the door, looking out the window. Bless.

Not too far from our cottage was a tiny place called Saint Nicolas des Eaux. Alongside the river, in between the lush green hills, it's really rather picturesque.

We were there on Bastille Day so there was an interesting flea market going on. I love old stuff, and I love foreign stuff, so old foreign stuff is like a dream for me.

And about halfway through the week, the sun came out, HOORAH! We hot-footed it to the seaside. This little spot is the beach at La Trinité Sur Mer. We stopped for beverages in the early evening sunshine. Preeeetty blissful!

And on the other side of La Trinité Sur Mer is the harbour. Boats a-bobbing on the blue blue sea. Too pretty.

And there was only one place Holly, Mama and I wanted to spend the next day: THE BEACH!

The beach in question was Carnac Plage.

Sand between your toes, refreshing clear sea (crabs, stones and seaweed aside)... You can't beat the beach!

Carnac is an adorable seaside town. And no trip to the seaside would be complete without an ice cream, am I right?

Fancy schmancy gelato has its place, but so does whippy soft-serve stuff. The sister and I both went for white chocolate and nutella flavours swirled together. I believe this expression says it all:

Another seaside spot we stumbled upon was Arradon. No, not Aragog the giant tarantula from Harry Potter (you thought of it too, right? *shudders*), but Arradon.

We went for a walk along the harbour and it was très très très jolie. See for yourself if you don't believe me...

And the final place I'm going to share with you is Auray, the only town we visited that seemed to have decent shops, as well as loads of good restaurants and pretty architecture to top it all off.

We had our final dinner sitting out at a restaurant overlooking the water. Because that's what holidays are for, right?

Have you been to Brittany? I'd love to hear your fave spots!

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  1. So funny to see you blogging about Southern Brittany Rachel! I have been going on holiday there for as long as I can remember, to a small island off Quiberon, and have even been to La Trinité a few times. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) x

    1. Ahhhh lovely Constance! I'm sure you know it all much better than me :) X


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