Saturday, 25 October 2014

Cosy candle-lit nights.

My mum isn’t a big fan of scented candles. Weird, huh?

And whilst I realise I’m more and more like my mummy dearest day-in, day-out (seriously young ladies, please wrap up warmer when you go out at night), we certainly differ on our view of scented candles.

I, for one, love them. Especially come autumn when the nights draw in and the urge to hibernate grows stronger by the day.

So I was jolly excited when a new brand of scented candles was brought to my attention: Beefayre.

I’ll be honest, when I read the name in the subject line I thought I was being emailed about beef. And as much as I love a good burger (mmm burgers), I thought a beef-themed company contacting me would've been a little odd. (However, burger brands, I am very open to emails!)

Beefayre was inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee. The brand’s mission is to produce high quality gifts, using the finest ingredients and made in England. All the products come beautifully boxed in colourful botanical print and 3% of the company’s profits are donated to bee conservation too.

I often find scented candles are disappointing because while they may smell great when you sniff them unlit, they actually don't waft out any scent when lit. So rubbish.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Beefayre's candles.

Just the smell of lighting a match brings back memories of childhood birthdays and brings a smile to my face, but these candles genuinely smell gorgeous in themselves.

The scents aren't so strong that they assault your nostrils, but they add a subtle sweetness that you certainly notice once you come back to your room after popping to the loo.

"Winter Scents" has a slight Christmassy vibe going on with definite cranberry undertones, and "Honey Lily" is just delicious.

The sweet smell in the air is relaxing, soothing, calming and just down right pleasant. It almost takes away the constant desire to eat for no reason. Almost.

Whether I'm spending the evening studying, relaxing (rare) or getting ready to go out out, a scented candle always helps. It almost doesn't seem right if I don't have one lit of an evening. There's one next to me right now, adding warmth (if only slightly literally), cosiness and a pretty glow to my bedroom.

My lovely candles create a nice atmosphere every evening and a good working ambiance, slightly helping me avoid getting super stressed about ALL THE WORK!

Are you a scented candle fan? Thanks to Beefayre for the candles but, as always, these opinions are entirely my own.

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