Saturday, 22 November 2014

A long overdue hair makeover at Bonomini.

Apparently you’re meant to get your hair cut at least every eight weeks. It had been at least eight months…

My hair was fine, really. There was nothing drastically wrong with it. But the ends were getting straggly and I’d perhaps been pretending my extremely grown-out highlights were a dip-dye for a smidge too long.

But going to the hairdresser wasn’t an essential. With a million and one things on my to-do list, finding a hair salon and booking myself in for an appointment was not a top priority. It’s so easy to let these things slide, isn’t it?

That’s when Money Supermarket got in touch. Yes, Money Supermarket.

I know what you’re thinking: “How did this result in Rachel getting her hair done?” Well, allow me to explain, oh curious one.

Money Supermarket have just launched this new campaign called Balance Transfer Your Life. Here’s what they say:
“Like finding a credit card with a free balance transfer, there are loads of these little niggling tasks that we just keep putting off, which is why MoneySupermarket is getting involved and offering you the chance to ‘balance transfer your life’ – no matter what the little chore is.”
To be honest with you, I have not been considering finding a credit card with a free balance transfer. Being the sensible young lady that I am though (ahem), I had been meaning to go to the hairdresser.

So, extremely generously, Money Supermarket offered to swoop in, find me a nearby hair salon, book me an appointment and pay for the whole shebang! I KNOW!

And before I knew it, I was off to Bonomini, an utterly gorgeous salon in Clifton here in Bristol.

The interior is super stylish and the staff were delightfully friendly.

Naturally, I was rather excited. I LOVE going to the hairdresser and revitalising my look. Don't you think it's such a treat having someone do your hair for you? I literally do not understand people who see going to the hairdresser as a chore.

After a brief chat with my fabulous stylist, Lori, we were underway.

Those 40 minutes or so when your colour's sinking in and there's nothing for you to do in the world but sit around reading magazines are pretty blissful, aren't they?

Not only was I treated to a full head of highlights, a wash, cut and blow-dry, but I was also given a Keratin treatment.

Do you know how much a Keratin treatment costs!? Well, let me tell you: a lot.

It's a conditioning treatment that basically makes your hair smoother, sleeker and softer for weeks to come, and I've certainly noticed the difference.

Not only do the chairs in Bonomini give you a back massage and allow you to put your feet up while having your hair washed, but I also got a wonderful head and shoulder massage while my Keratin treatment sunk in. Sooooooo relaxing.

Oh. And I got to have this fun flying saucer heat thingy fly round my head for a few minutes which was amusing.

And yes that is a little tea set just for me. During my time at Bonomini I was treated to tea, juice AND Prosecco! Seriously. Living. The. Dream.

I'd started off trying to take my snapchats subtly, but soon gave up and just selfied away for the world to see.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?

I left with a spring in my step, feeling utterly pampered and fabulous.

You know how after leaving the hairdresser you can’t help but check yourself out in every single window you walk past? Yup, that happened.

So how did my hair turn out?

Well, I love it!

Here's before:

And here's after:

I realise you probably can't see much of a difference, but these pictures don't massively do it justice. The change is subtle, but that's what I wanted. I love having caramelly tones all through my hair, and although I love my lighter "dip-dye" ends, they now blend more smoothly into the rest of my hair.

The ends look neater and healthier, and I've had a long layer put in which gives my hair a little more shape.


If you like the sound of having one of your niggling tasks organised and paid for by Money Supermarket too, you can! Well, you can enter to win anyway. Find out all the deets here.

Thanks to Bonomini for pampering me and Money Supermarket for giving me this fab opportunity. 

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