Sunday, 28 December 2014

A very Hosie Christmas, in pictures

Unsurprisingly, I was the first to rise on Christmas morning. It was at the normally ungodly hour of 6.30am that I stirred, and, knowing my family wouldn't be up for hours, I tried to lie still in bed.

It didn't last long. Luckily, the wonderful people of Twitter were up and keen to share my excitement, and it was only a matter of time before I started what was to become a very long Snapchat story...

I'm really attractive first thing in the morning
I spied a bulging stocking and couldn't wait much longer before getting up and amusing myself. There was something really rather lovely about being the only one up so early on Christmas morning. Well, apart from the dogs. These cuties shared my excitement.

A breakfast starter, you say? Well, a little slice of Stollen wouldn't go amiss...

AND LOOK AT ALL THE PRESENTS! Woohoo, Father Christmas came!

But the fam STILL weren't up. Even the sun was making an appearance by this point!

They eventually surfaced though. Well, Holly did. We then proceeded to wake the rest of the troops and crack on with the stockings. We Hosie siblings do it the same every year: I tend to get up first, then Holly, then we wake up Jamie and I bring everyone tea and juice. Because I'm just such a doting sister. Slash I just want to start the present-opening.

Having unwrapped our goodies, we all make our way to the kitchen in pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers, natch. Breakfast time! Well, second breakfast time, in my case.

We do love freshly-baked croissants! While some of the team go for bacon and maple syrup, I tend to stick with the classics.

And no, I of course did not just have one.

Next up, MORE PRESENTS! Father Christmas was very kind to me this year...

I got this beautiful Kate Spade bracelet, which of course made it onto the Snapchat story. He's so clever, that Santa Claus - it was only a week or so previously that I'd pointed out said bracelet whilst in the Sloane Square branch of Kate Spade with Mama. Magic, eh?

I was also massively wowed by the snood I received...

Not only is it gorgeous, soft, cosy and warm, but my mother knitted it! She made one for Holly too. I didn't even know she could knit! To be honest, when I read the label I thought "Who's Monica?" I thought Mum was joking when she said she'd made it herself. What a superwoman.

Aaaaalso in my Santa sack were these FABULOUS tan suede boots from Joules. They were indeed on my list (I'm not too old for lists, right?) and I laaaave them.

Oh, and I was lucky enough to get a Fitbit and a spiraliser too, so watch out for posts about those!

Thrilled with our prezzies, it was time to throw on some festive sparkle. In my case, anyway.

Polkadot tights out of shot. I love my family's reactions to my outfit. They were all along the lines of "Wow!" "You look, um, bright." "Lipstick." "That is so you." Poor guys don't know what to say. I roll with it. (More is more, am I right?)

I had sparkle on my face, my wrist, my ears, my nails, my shirt and then in my hand too.

Gotta love a bit of Champagne on Christmas day! We paid a visit to our delightful family friends where both the conversation and the bubbly was flowing freely. As well as homemade mince pies and all sorts of delicious nibbles.

Then we Hosies head back home to finish lunch prep. Being the wonderwoman that she is, Madre had obviously done mucho cooking in advance, but Holly and I are always on pudding duty.

This year we tried something new. I'm not going to be modest: it was a winner.

Enter, Baileys-brownie-banoffee trifles (our version of this GoodFood recipe.)

Oh ma days, it was so good. We used my sister's top-secret brownie recipe which probably made it to be honest.

We made a fruit salad too, because Christmas is obviously the day to be health-conscious. Ahem. (I ate about one mouthful.)

Holly and holly.
After watching the Queen's Speech, it was time to EEEAAAAAT!

This year we had goose. Now I'm not a goose girl to be honest, but with all the millions of trimmings expertly whipped up by Mama Hosie, I was happy as a clam. And of course, still managed to eat myself into a state.

We ate and drank and pulled crackers and played trivia games and charades and it was delightful.

Overindulgence may have occurred...

Quote Jamie: "Sometimes you just need to be at one with the floor." He was so right.

The rest of the day was spent opening more presents, eating Quality Street, playing with new toys, eating leftovers sandwiches (don't even ask me how), instagramming presents (on my part) and watching a spot of festive telleh.

Waking so early, combined with ALL the food and drink, not to mention mad excitement all meant that I was ready for an early night. So, feeling cosy in my new Christmassy PJs, I snuggled up full of Christmas cheer.

I'm not going to give you a run-down of our Boxing Day too as I know you don't really care, but I will just say that IT SNOWED! We were actually out visiting famalam, but luckily it was still there the next morning. And still is now, actually.

Tippy, our younger lab, is only a year old and had never seen snow before. IT WAS SO CUTE!

She was having the time of her life, so confused yet so joyful, the little scamp.

It's my favourite time of the year. Family, food and fun. The best. Over for another year though now, alas. To be honest I currently feel like "OK, summer now please."

I hope you all had wonderful, merry Christmases full of joy, love and sparkle.

Did you get anything nice?


  1. Ah this is so lovely!! Love your new boots!

  2. Haha love the eaten by dogs snap! I'm so jealous you got snow, we got crazy wind for boxing day which kept me awake all night with its banging! Lovely sparkly outfit, my family didn't bother dressing up this year, the lazy creatures xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

    1. Oh noooooo! Hopefully you'll still get some snow Lucy... And an excuse to get dressed up and sparkly ;) xxx

  3. Loved reading this and seeing how you spend your family spend Christmas. Also if you can't go OTT on the sparkles on Christmas when can you?! I loved the outfit.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Thanks Emma! Hope you had a fab Christmas too :) X

  4. oh my, those puddings you made look divine!! xx


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