Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lunch at Maitreya Social, Bristol: "Britain's best vegetarian restaurant"

As a student in a big city, it's easy to think you know said city well. But last weekend I realised that although I feel I know my way around Bristol, I really only know a very little part of it. The student bubble, if you will. 

I adore Bristol, as many of you will know, but it is a biiiiig city.

Last weekend I ventured out to an area of Bristol I'd never been to before. And what was it that drew me out of the bubble? You guessed it: food. Quelle surprise. 

I was off for a Valentine's Day lunchdate with my Bristol blogging bud, Ambi from Bombay Rose. We're both really into Honestly Healthy/Deliciously Ella-style eating so were keen to check out what has been voted the best veggie restaurant in the UK, Maitreya Social

Situated waaayyy over in Easton, it was a bit of a walk. Slightly more of a walk than I'd expected. But still, it was a beautiful sunny day and I rather enjoyed wandering my way through new areas.

I'll be honest, I didn't massively love Easton. I mean, it's no Clifton, but then again no city can be solely pretty Georgian terraced houses, am I right?

The thing is, Maitreya Social didn't seem to fit in with its surroundings.

The café-restaurant is cosy, quaint and charming - think homemade cakes on the counter and chalk-board menus on the walls.

The dinner menu looks particularly awesome, but Ambi and I decided dinner à deux on V-Day evening perhaps wouldn't have been the best move ever. So lunch it was.

My initial plan was to go to Maitreya for dinner too before writing a review, but our lunch was too tasty to wait. Y'all wanna feast your eyes on this baby right now:

Yup. Let's get in closer there...

That's right. I'm talking vegan burgers bursting with nuts, beans and spices, served with chunky wedges, homemade sweetcorn relish, and 'slaw. Corrrrr!

The burgers were also blimmin' HUGE! Although not gluten-free, we couldn't pass up the delicious homemade buns, despite having been given the option of having some gluten-free bread on the side instead. I think it's great that so many different diets are catered for.

I massively loved the sweetcorn relish on top of the burgers - there was so much yumminess going on in there. As delicious as veggie burgers are though, they will never take the place of meaty burgers in my heart. However, I do adore veggie/vegan ones as they are.

The chunky hand-cut chips on the side were glorious - fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. Our 'slaw was delicious too - instead of dairylicious coleslaw, we chose vegan-friendly 'slaw with a scrummy maple dressing. 

Just look at these happy faces:

Burgers are undoubtedly the way to a girl's heart. And they fuelled our loooong catch-up perfectly.

The staff were friendly and the prices are reasonable considering the huuuuuuge portions - our lunches were £7.95 each, which I am so happy to pay for a one-off treat. 

Ambi and I both loved Maitreya Social and will definitely be back. 

Maitreya Social: 89 St Mark's Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6HY.

Have you ever been to a solely vegetarian restaurant? Do let me know your thoughts!

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