Saturday, 21 March 2015

A bloggers' business brunch and Borough Market, London.

Goodness, it’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Here’s the thing about final year: it’s hard. And not only is the work hard, but there’s just so. much. of it. Essentially at the moment I have all of the work and none of the time. Woe is me.

BUT HEY, you guys know I’m not much of a moaner (unless I’m hungry) so let’s crack on with what I’ve been wanting to blog about for aaaaages (well, a week or so), even if this post may be lighter on words and heavier on snaps than usual.

On a sunny Saturday morning in early spring, I hopped on what felt like a ludicrously early train (well, I had been to a ball the night before) to London for an exciting event.

I’ll be honest – and I say this not wanting to sound awfully ‘oh, aren’t I très important, dahling’ – I get invited to quite a lot of blogger/press events in London, a lot of which are seriously cool.

However, I don’t live in London. Travelling to London is expensive. I’m a full-time final year student with, as we have established, all the work. So in short, I very rarely accept the delightful invitations extended to me.

But I decided to make an exception this time. I’d been invited to an exclusive bloggers’ brunch hosted by Yelp and About Time Mag all about how to turn your blog into a business. Um, awesome much? I’m super keen to learn about the business of running a blog and I obviously love brunch, so how could I say no?

The event was held at the very nice Newman Street Tavern, not far from Oxford Street, and when I arrived the place was already buzzing with bloggers.

The lovely Jelly from About Time welcomed us all and the learning commenced.

Excitingly, there were some real big dogs of the blogging/social media world there to impart their wisdom such as Niamh from Eat Like a Girl and Michael from Symmetry Breakfast.

Over fresh, energising juices, we got to chat to these very knowledgeable people and pick their brains about all things bloggy.

Here are a few of the best points I took away from the morning:

  • First you need a good blog, then you should work on improving your visibility, in that order.
  • The best instagram accounts consider what their pictures look like both individually and also as a grid.
  • The PRs who contact us are paid for their time, we should be too.

Right so now let's all be blogging millionaires, yeah?

And towards the end of the morning, brunch was served. YES!

I went for the pancakes, unsurprisingly. But the other options looked pretty tasty too.


It was so much fun to get to know so many other fab bloggers too, a lot of whom I’d already been following online for some time. Always nice to put names to faces.

If you’ve never checked out these lovely ladies’ blogs, do shimmy on over: Sal Godfrey of Sal's Kitchen, Cat Foley of Survival Survival, Angie Silver of Silverspoon London, Sophie Godwin of Sophie On A Plate and Tina Jui of The Worktop.

Thanks to Yelp and About Time for hosting and inviting me!


Now, I had a few hours to kill in London before my train back to Bristol, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and because I was really hungry (ahem), I decided to go to the famous foodie Borough Market. It's pretty shameful that I hadn't already been really, don't you think?

And as it was such a gorgeous day (slash because I'm poor and public transport is not the one), I decided to walk allllll the way there. It was delightful!

I strolled along Oxford Street and down past Covent Garden and through theatre-land...

I crossed over the river and was treated to some faaaabulous views!

Don'tcha just love London? I carried on along the river and made my way eastwards...

Past the Globe...

And eventually I arrived at Borough Market.

Oof! It was unsurprisingly heaving. Deep breath, in we go.

*wipes away drool from chin*

Let me tell you, Borough Market is a smell sensation. It's like an assault on your nose, with yumminess wafting towards you from every angle. There's loads to peruse and try, which I loved, and lots of interesting new brands to discover, which I also think is fab.

And then it was back to Bristol and back to my actual student life. But a fab day in London it had been.

Are you interested in the business of blogging? If you have any tips or thoughts I'd love to hear them. Or if you'd simply like to tell me what you'd most like to eat from the pictures in this post I'd sure like to hear that too.


  1. It was lovely to meet you, hon.
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    1. The feeling is totally mutual, Angie :) X

  2. That looks like a great event for any bloggers to attend!
    and the menu all looks right up your street Rachel!

  3. Great post! What a fab memory amidst this cold winter we've just nose dived into! I hope final year has gone well for you and now you're finished perhaps a few more visits to London for brunching and bellinis? It'd be fab to see you again!


    1. Thanks Cat! Yes, London brunching and bellinis must definitely occur :) x


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