Sunday, 31 May 2015

Blossoming Gifts flower delivery

There are people who think a nice bunch of flowers is a silly present as they only last a week or so. I am not one of those people.

A gorgeous bunch of flowers - whether a huge snazzy bouquet or merely some tulips picked from the garden - has the power to transform a room and everyone's moods with it.

So when the new British flower delivery company Blossoming Gifts got in touch to ask if I'd like to pick one of their summer bouquets to review, I was thrilled. I love supporting little companies, and as Blossoming Gifts specialise in beautiful floristic design at low cost, I was hopeful they'd be a company you guys would be interested in too.

The website has a fab selection of online flowers (including a selection of cheap flower bouquets under £20), and I chose the Avalanche Rose and Peony bouquet.

When the delivery man gave them to me he asked, "Is it someone's birthday?" I replied, "Um, nope. They're just for me." But do you know what? We should treat ourselves to flowers more, even if just a tiny posy.

My bouquet arrived in a pretty box, and they were well packaged up so that it was easy to get the flowers out without damaging them. Jolly exciting it was too! 

The flowers were beautifully wrapped up in simple white wrapping and tied in a bow. 

They so preeeeeeetty!

Some were a teensy bit crinkly round the edge but I guess that’s inevitable. And they were at that perfect stage where they were open enough to look beautiful, but they still had plenty of opening up to do.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I am absolutely obsessed with pink roses - I'm incapable of walking past them without taking a picture - so although the roses aren't pink, the combo of cream roses and pink peonies is so me.

Naturally I snapchatted all my friends trying to convince them I had a secret admirer. They didn't believe me. Rude.

The flowers arrived along with easy-to-follow instructions, flower food, Belgian chocolates (mmm) and a lovely jug to put them in. The flowers, that is. Not the chocolate. Although the jug was an extra on the order.

I was a little confused at first because the instructions said not to use a metal vase for your flowers as the metal neutralises the effect of the flower food. So thanks for sending me a metal jug, GAAAAAD.

But then I realised something jolly clever: the inside of the jug is lined with plastic. Pretty genius. It's the perfect size too.

The flowers smell absolutely divine and have opened beautifully as the days have passed – I’ve had them for a week and they still look stunning. 

They've been sitting on my desk cheering up my boring revision days and bringing a smile to my face.

AND GUESS WHAT, GUYS!? You can get 33% off Blossoming Gifts' beautiful bouquets using the discount code BGIFT33, although it does exclude the flowers by post range.

My bouquet costs £29.99 without the discount, and although Blossoming Gifts kindly sent it to me as a gift to review, all my opinions are totally honest.

What do you think? Why not treat yourself or a loved one? Day brightening = guaranteed.


  1. Just used the code to send some flowers to my Mum and saved almost £10! yey! Sure she will love them thanks Rach! xx

    1. Yay, so glad to hear that, Amber :) xxx

  2. I feel I am definitely an adult now as I am starting to appreciate flowers!

    1. Ooh yes, how grown-up we are to appreciate a nice bouquet :) X


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