Thursday, 14 May 2015

Me-time in Munich {in photos}

Alrighty then, let’s head on to the final stop of my recent trip back to Germany: Munich. (OK, so I realise said trip really wasn’t very recent anymore, but, finals.)

Those of you who caught my review of TRYP Hotel in Munich (remember, the one with the shamazing breakfast?) may have been wondering what I was doing there by myself.

Well the answer is: not much. And that was the joy of it. Having only managed to visit Munich once properly on my year abroad (and even then during the madness that is Oktoberfest), I figured I’d like to get to know the Bavarian capital a little better. Well, as well as one can in a day or two.

So I simply wandered round the city, caught up with a lovely German friend over tea and coffee (coffee for him, tea for me, obvs), and shopped. Yeah, there are some gooood shops in Munich. And being by myself meant I could be utterly selfish and go exactly where I wanted. (Friends are over-rated, right?)

I’m a big fan of the whole city to be honest – it’s got that traditional Bavarian architecture which I adore but also the exciting buzz of a big city. I’d have loved to have stayed longer and done more exploring, but I guess I’ll just have to go back… (Soon please!)


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