Thursday, 18 June 2015

A day-trip to Bath.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a corner of Bath that is not pretty.

From the moment you step off the train at the station, it’s charming quaintness galore, AKA a blogger’s dream (even on a grey day.)

Being so close to Bath here in Bristol, I was jolly keen to pay the Roman city one last visit before leaving uni FOREVER *sob*.

I hadn’t made the trip to Bath for a displeasingly long time actually, and with it being a mere 10 minute train journey (for £4.90 return with a student railcard!) from Bristol, there really was no excuse.

So I rounded up some of my fellow newly-free finalist galpals, Amber, Anna and another Rach, and we set off for a day-trip.

Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a total tourist-trap. But for good reason. It’s blimmin’ gorgeous. I almost hate to admit it as my older brother studied there, but Bath is undeniably prettier than Bristol. (It’s not better overall though, god no, but that’s a whole other blog post.)

The thing about Bath is that it is really very small. However, this makes it perfect for a day-trip. You don’t have to do much planning, although I obviously couldn't resist. As we sat on the train yesterday morning, my friends were not the slightest bit surprised when I whacked out my list of things to see.

It’s the perfect city to wander round aimlessly.

Naturally, our first port of call was the Fudge Kitchen. Not solely for a free sample, honest! (But largely.) I was gutted the Snickers fudge wasn't out the day we visited but I can happily report back that the salted caramel is super dreamy.

The Fudge Kitchen is right by the beautiful Bath Abbey.

I think it's pretty cool that my brother graduated there. The Abbey, that is, not the Fudge Kitchen. Althoouuugh, imagine graduating in the Fudge Kitchen!? That would be awesome.

Moving on.

We wandered up by the pretty river looking up to Pulteney Bridge and along the cobbled streets hung with colourful bunting.

Further on we strolled, peering through the windows of bakeries, weaving round the hordes of tourists and popping in and out of cute gift shops – Bath prides itself on its richness of interesting, unique, independent shops. We went into a fair few, and my favourites were Rossiters and Bloomsbury.

However, even the main high street (Milsom Street) is beautiful.

It’s that stunning Georgian architecture that does it. Even the new buildings are built in the same famous style as the old ones, which makes Bath seem so special.

Before long, we decided it was lunchtime. Bath has an abundance of lovely-looking cafés and we are gals who like to support independent local businesses. We also like carbs, and so The Whole Bagel seemed like the perfect spot.

You can choose from a selection of different bagels, baguettes, wraps, breads and salads, and then customise your fillings too. It was super tasty, the staff were friendly, there was a loo and somewhere to sit, ergo it was just what we needed.

Blood sugar levels boosted, we set off again and made our way up to the Circus.

It’s the most stunning circle of houses around a lawn, and as we strolled round, all we could ask ourselves was, “Who gets to live here!?” I want to be them when I grow up.

Update: the brother tells me Nicholas Cage and Johnny Depp either own or used to own houses on the Circus!

We carried on to Bath’s famous Royal Crescent – another undeniably beautiful and interesting street. It was really peaceful too.

The brother says John Cleese owns a house there!

However, the gals and I agreed we thought the Circus is actually prettier. Although I certainly wouldn’t decline the offer of living on the Royal Crescent, and both are very much worth a visit. They’re so preeeeetty.

Along the grass and under the trees we ambled before making our way back into the city centre. It's always nice when a city has lots of green space.

Being the feeble 21-23 year olds we are, we soon needed another sit down and a cup of tea. Where to go for tea, though? The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe seemed like a good shout.

As an aside, I must say that if you actually want one of Bath’s famous buns, you really must go to Sally Lunn’s – it’s super famous for a reason: the buns are out of this world. Go there, thank me later.

For a lovely cup of tea, the old-fashioned Tea Shoppe hit the spot. I for one adore drinking tea out of fine-bone china teacups. Don’t you think it just tastes better somehow? Like Champagne/Prosecco/Cava out of flutes (as opposed to plastic cups #studentproblems). Do I sound really pretentious? I know you guys get me.

And then we said goodbye to beautiful Bath and hopped on a train back to Bristol. It was the most delightful day out and such a lovely thing to do with some of my best gals now we've finished our degrees - the amazingness of being able to be out doing something fun rather than revising still has not worn off.

Bath is beyond beautiful and, even though it's no Bristol *insert winky face here*, it's certainly worth a visit.

Ever been to Bath? What do you think of the city?


  1. The Fudge Kitchen is the best place ever.
    I actually visited the one in Cambridge last Sunday with my boyfriend and his family and opted for the maple and walnut fudge, heavenly. Although, vanilla is always a safe bet!

    1. Ooh maple and walnut sounds DIVINE! Now I'm craving fudge... x


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