Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A postcard from Paris and a new blog design!

Handbags and Cupcakes has a new look! And I am in Paris! And it's sunny! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

Sorry, I should calm down. Over-excitement does tend to get the better of me. 

First things first: you may have noticed (slash learned from my over-excited tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts) that Handbags and Cupcakes has been redesigned! The new look isn't totally finished yet - there are more exciting changes coming soon - but I'm so thrilled to be able to share it with you all. 

I've been wanting to redesign Handbags and Cupcakes for months, but those silly finals got somewhat in the way. Rude, I know. 

So I'm beyond ecstatic that the new design is now live, and I can't wait to continue improving Handbags and Cupcakes and implementing the other changes I've got planned.

Although I'm something of a 'more is more' kinda gal, I currently love minimalistic blog designs, and I'm  so happy with the new look, even if it will take some getting used to! I like to think it's simple and stylish, whilst still revealing a touch of my personality. What do you think? Do let me know - I'm always keen to hear your ideas, feedback and suggestions.

I went out to celebrate the new design with a Nutella crêpe and a stroll through Paris. Because yeah - did I mention? - I'M IN PARIS!

I jetted off for a few days away post-finals in one of my all-time fave cities with one of my all-time fave gals, Harriet. 

Needless to say, we are having a ball. 

Worry not, a big ole blog post full of Paris prettiness will be coming your way once I'm back (ie. with pics that actually aren't blurry #iPhone4probs). Let's be real here - Paris is like the city of dreams for bloggers because every building is Pinterest-worthy. Luckily Harriet is almost as snap-happy as yours truly. 

A bientôt!


  1. Wow, I love it! Didn't even recognise it when I clicked on this morning haha :) and oh my goodness, tell me about iPhone 4 problems! The camera is so bad but half the time it's the only thing I have to hand! Have an amazing time in Paris and am looking forward to hearing all about it! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

    1. Thank you, Lucy! Ha ha, I love that you feel me on the iPhone 4 probs. Such an issue in life. xxx

  2. I love the new design Rachel :)


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