Saturday, 13 June 2015

Confessions of a breakfast addict.

A version of my second blog for Clipper Teas, which you can read online here.

Chocolate-banana-acai smoothie bowl topped with peanut butter, chocolate-hazelnut granola and raspberries
Breakfast is just the best, isn't it? Well I certainly think so.

So it's somewhat incomprehensible for me that so many people don't eat it. At all.

Apparently a whopping 60% of Brits skip breakfast and thus miss out on the best meal of the day. What crazies.

I love breakfast so much that I happily eat porridge for brinner (breakfast for dinner, obvs) and peanut butter bagels for lunch.

Chocolate chia pudding topped with banana, peanut butter and granola
Sure, I understand that people want to stay in bed as long as possible in the morning, but for me, it's the prospect of breakfast that gets me up!

Whilst some people wolf down a bowl of cereal in two minutes, I leave myself a good 20 minutes to really enjoy (and Instagram, natch) my breakfast.

I am equally puzzled by people who eat the same thing every. single. morning. Why would you do that when there are so many scrummy options?!

Yup, I always go to bed looking forward to breakfast the next morning. And I love starting the day with a meal full of goodness - it's crazy that you can make so many ludicrously tasty concoctions that are so good for you.

You really needn't leave yourself quite a much time as I do for breakfast though. In fact, a lot of my fave brekkies are prepared the night before! So, just what am I eating?


I have a bit of a love affair with porridge. Some people think it's boring but I imagine they probably don't know just how versatile it is. Baked porridge, toasted porridge, classic porridge, scrummy mix-ins, tasty toppings… The breakfast world is your oyster with porridge.

Overnight oats

Overnight oats (basically bircher muesli) is another fave – prepare the night before with whatever ya fancy (oats, muesli, dried fruits, nuts, cinnamon, honey, yoghurt, almond milk, grated apple, mashed banana...) and let the magic happen while you get your beauty sleep. So creeeaaaamy come morning.


Okay, they require a little more time in the morning but they’re SO worth it. I’ve been experimenting with some fab vegan recipes recently myself and I love whipping up a big ole stack on weekend mornings.

Chia pudding

Chia seeds are magical – they grow to nine times their original size when you soak them overnight and I for one love the texture (try blending them if you don’t!). They don’t taste of much so are a fab blank canvas.


The (not-so-secret) secret to healthy smoothies that taste like thick, creamy milkshakes is frozen ripe banana. I even make mine the night before so I can just sip it while getting ready in the morning. Oh, and eagle-eyed followers may have noticed that my latest obsession is smoothie bowls, topped with yummy things like peanut butter and granola. So so good.

Muesli and granola

Either make your own or make sure to get sugar-free versions with no nasties, then simply add yoghurt or milk and fruit and you’re good to go! I am a fan of layering mine up into a parfait.

And I’d be lying if I said I’m not also partial to the occasional muffin or slice of banana bread for breakfast, but I don’t eat them too often to be honest.

What are your favourite things to have for breakfast? A lot of the recipes for all the pictures in this post are on the blog (head to the Recipes tab), but if there’s anything you’d particularly like the recipe for do just give me shout. And for nearly daily breakfast inspo do follow me on Instagram! (Have I plugged that enough yet?)

Oh, and if you missed it, do have a read of my first blog for Clipper: Confessions of a Tea Addict


  1. Love this breakfast post!
    I always thought porridge was dull when I was younger, I swear it has got a new lease of life the past few years!

    1. Thanks Rosie! You're so right - porridge ftw! x


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