Monday, 13 July 2015

21 things I've learned at university

The month since finishing my finals has been a whirlwind of fun: parties, picnics, travels, balls, shopping, food festivals, generally not working... It's been amazing.

Only about now, five weeks since my last exam, has the sheer joy of NOT having to revise started to wear off.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still absolutely blimmin' LOVING freedom, but that initial disbelief at being able to do what I want after so long has faded.


I haven't officially graduated yet - oh, how I'm looking forward to graduation! - but my time as an undergraduate student of French and German at the University of Bristol is over.

It's a bit weird.

Celebrating degree results with Anna, Henry and Amber. Henry even brought us actual Champagne because he's lovely like that. [Dave's pic]
Needless to say, I've learnt a lot over the past four years. Some things potentially more useful than others for future life, but here are some of the main ones (and a random few others)...

1. I should not be allowed to snapchat after consuming alcohol. Tipsy-texting is one thing, but snapchatting is worse as you have no evidence of what you sent the next day. And then you see that your friends have all screenshotted. And you fear for how many snaps you even sent. It's worrying.

2. Students don't have to live up to the stereotype. Some of us eat a lot of vegetables and like to live in a clean house.

3. Germany became a unified country in 1871. That little gem got us a point in a pub quiz. You can thank me later.

4. Despite the workload stepping up, each year of uni is more fun than the last because you're closer to all your friends and know your city better.

5. I really love German. I love French too but I already knew that. I started German from scratch at uni you see.

6. It is possible to be really interested in what you're studying. Granted, I did not feel this way about all aspects of my degree, but some parts I totally loved, despite all the complaining about essays.

7. Anything loses its interest when you have to write an assessed essay on it. To those of you about to start your degrees... #sorrynotsorry

8. How to use a normal tin-opener - don't judge. We had a weird one when I was growing up at home.

9. How to use a washing machine - OK, totally go ahead and judge. I should've known how to do that before.

10. Birds sing when it's coldest as their songs travel better. My sciencey flatmate told me that amongst many other sciencey things... This is probably the only thing which has stuck. Sorry, Holly.

11. German adjectival endings. Before every exam. And duly forgotten straight afterwards.

12. A year abroad is one of the best things a student can do. If you get the opportunity, even if you're scared (and God knows I was), blimmin' well do it.

13. Use-by dates are for wimps.

14. Healthy eating can totally be done on a student budget. Being poor is no excuse to live off pizza, toast and beans. I bought chia seeds and raw cacao powder and almond butter and didn't go anywhere near my overdraft.

15. There was a defenestration in Prague at some point in history. OK this I admit is not massively useful, but it's about all I remember from my First Year history module.

16. Bristol is without a doubt one of the best cities ever ever ever.

17. Doing the splits in a nightclub seems like a good idea at the time, but you'll regret for two weeks afterwards.

18. Living in the same city as all your friends, all doing the same thing, is a really unique and wonderful set-up. 

19. Asti is my fave Prosecco (thanks, Liv.)

20. Getting fully involved with one club, society, sport or activity is one of the best things you can do alongside your degree. I went for the student paper myself.

21. I shall forever be grateful to my four years in Bristol for giving me the most amazing friends. And teaching me a thing or two about French and German.

Finished uni? What did it teach YOU?


  1. Haha number 1 is so true for me as well. I'm about to go into my 3rd year and I still enjoy most aspects of my degree!!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. So glad you relate, Emily! Enjoy your third year :) x

  2. I too think Bristol is a bit of alright... not remotely biased or anything, though... ahem... xx

  3. I like reading all blogs but I like language majors' blogs the most. Vive les langues !


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