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The Ultimate 24 Hour London Student Experience with Unite, Part 2

Right, let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

Day Three, continued…

After a visit to Boxpark we made our way from Shoreditch over to Camden. More caffeine was in order (Pepsi was two for £2 in Sainsbury’s – we students know where to purchase our beverages! I practically inhaled mine), before making our way through the busy streets to buzzy Camden Market.

I laaave Camden Market! There are so many interesting stalls and little shops full of different things. I was particularly taken by these gorgeous leather satchels (see below) but was soon dragged away by the promise of going to the food area.

Man, were we spoilt for choice. So, naturally, we had a meal at 4pm. Because how could you not with so much deliciousness on offer!?

I went for a super tasty salad box full of veggies, chickpeas, houmous, falafel and halloumi. Pretty damn dreamy.

Ruby had an insanely good mac ‘n’ cheese (trust me, I tried it)...

Iman had an epic burger and chips...

and Alex chose a flatbread stuffed with chicken curry (or something along those lines). Everything was super tasty and I recommend a visit big time.

Feeling sufficiently stuffed and conscious of the impending tube strike starting that evening, we made our way back into central London and to Covent Garden. 

Trip to Chanel? Lol jk this is a student guide.
Oh, and we also picked up some amaaaazing personalised (not to mention blimmin’ delish) doughnuts from the fab new company, Vicky’s Donuts. Thanks, Vicky! How cool are these?

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It may be permanently full of tourists, but Covent Garden is so pretty that I’m always happy to pay it a visit. After a wander round we decided to stroll down to the river.

With no concrete plans for the evening, the gang and I somewhat spontaneously decided to go on a boat-trip. Well, it’s one way of beating the tube strike, wouldn’t you say?

Despite the rain, it was super fun! I’d never been on a boat down the Thames, and for about £7 for a student ticket it’s super affordable. We got such great views of London!

Evening was descending as we set our feet back on dry land, and being still somewhat full from our Camden feast followed by doughnuts, we decided cocktails must be in order!

We stumbled upon Be At One (remember I told you about theirpeanut butter cup milkshake cocktails a couple of months ago?) by Covent Garden only to discover we’d missed their happy hour. Drat!

However the friendly bouncer informed us that if we downloaded their app we could get an hour’s worth of happy hour at any time! Two-for-one cocktails here we come! (We repaid the bouncer with a doughnut.)

A couple of cocktails later we emerged into a twinkly London night. The wet cobbled streets round Covent Garden were shimmering in the light of the street lamps and it was gorgeous to walk through.

D’you know what looks extra pretty at night? Water. So down to the river we went.

We ambled over the bridge, stopping to admire/photograph the view a little too often in my case (I got somewhat left behind briefly.) But can ya blame me?

Across the Thames we ventured on to the Southbank and stumbled upon a rather magical place called London Wonderground. It was full of fairy lights and lanterns and was utterly beautiful. 

Unfortunately all the entertainment and bars were closing down for the night (some people just aren’t as hardcore as us), but it was still lovely.

Energy was dwindling and it’s safe to say we were all flagging by this point. After a stroll along the river and with the knowledge that our journey back to Unite was going to take some time (thanks, tube strike), we decided to call it a night.

Sure, we didn’t quite stay out for 24 hours, but we came jolly close! And what did we do upon getting home? Eat leftover pizza, of course, like any good student would. (Let’s just ignore the fact that I am in fact no longer a student and should not be acting in such a fashion.)

We actually had money left over from our budget too!

It had been the most amazing day and I was actually surprised by how little I’d felt tired! Maybe I’m not as old as I thought. Or maybe London is just so awesome.

Day Four

I did not love getting up the following morning. No two ways about it. However the prospect of tea was enough for me to drag myself out of bed and back up to the top of the building where glorious caffeine and even more pastries awaited.

We were all actually surprisingly chipper given the previous day’s antics – I suspect we were all still giddy from how much fun we’d had!

The morning was spent frantically putting together presentations of each group's day.

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Once again, we ate ludicrous amounts of food for lunch (well, I did. I swear 90% of the shots of the previous day are of me eating something.) Thanks, Unite!

And then it was time for the presentations. I have to say, they were all amazing! The other two teams had had incredible days and it was fab to see what they'd got up to. We'd all done different things but had so much fun.

The judges informed us it had been incredibly tight but alas, Team RAIR did not win the challenge. Congrats to Team Bueller! They really got across how well they'd all got on in their presentation.

And then all too soon it was time to say our goodbyes! *insert crying emoji here*

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It had been the most fun few days I'd had in a long time and I feel so honoured to have been asked to take part. Massive thanks to the lovely Unite gang, the fab Steak team, all the companies we worked with and all the amazing bloggers I was fortunate enough to get to know. Big love to Team RAIR, Adam and Matt too. (OK I feel like this sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech now. Time to wrap it up, Rach.)

It was amaze. London is awesome. We're all hoping to do it again soon! (I'm thinking NYC...) 

Let me know your thoughts!

Unite kindly invited us to take part with all expenses paid but all my opinions are honest because there would be absolutely zero point in lying. 

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