Tuesday, 15 September 2015

An Asian cooking masterclass with Ching He Huang and Amoy

With a trip to Asia on the horizon (actually it’s not really on the horizon, it’s much closer, eeeeep!), I figured an Asian cooking masterclass was just perfect to get me even more excited. Because obviously, the food is one of the things I’m most looking forward to.

So when I was invited to attend an Asian cooking class led by the world famous chef, Ching He Huang, in a group of just six bloggers, I jumped at the opportunity.

In a beautiful house not far from Waterloo, I was offered a welcome drink on arrival (Prosecco please, always please) and as I started chatting to my lovely fellow bloggers, the Amoy team and Ching, the scrummiest of nibbles made by Ching were brought out.
We had: baked crispy popcorn chicken with crudités and satay sauce.
And also baked sweet and sour pork ribs.
I liked the sticky sauce although I have to admit I’m not really a ribs girl.

That chicken though, and that dip... Oh sweet baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph! If I could insert the “hearts for eyes” emoji here, I would. (Is there a way? Let me know if so!)

It was the Amoy peanut satay sauce for the dip and dayum it was tasty. I ate so much. And now I really want to eat it again. But as the popcorn chicken was baked rather than fried, it’s actually all pretty healthy according to Ching.

I feel like everyone needs this in their life so here’s the recipe, chums!
Also, I want to add that Ching is not only an incredible cook but she’s super glamorous and totally lovely. #Ching

Sufficiently appetised, the masterclass began!
First up, Ching showed us how to make a bacon chow mein stir-fry. Yup, bacon chow mein. It was new to me too, and even though I don’t usually go for bacon (love the smell, the actual stuff doesn’t do much for me), this was a delish stir-fry. I also learnt that when stir-frying you should cut veggies on the diagonal so there’s a greater surface area. Clever, huh?.
Putting her expert skills to good use, Ching chopped and woked and stirred and fried and whipped up the tastiest of meals in no time using the Amoy products on the side.
We all had a munch (lovely Freya from Frey de Fleur was loving it, as you can see^ PS. check out her blog) before it was time for dish number two: Thai green chicken curry.
So delish! And super quick.

And then it was time to see how much we'd been paying attention by having a go ourselves! I feel I was also slightly hindered by being a few Proseccos down the line. Oops.
We were marginally concerned about giving everyone salmonella but I think it turned out OK. Well, it was super tasty, that much I can say. Amoy's sauces and noodles sure make the process speedy.
We were lucky enough to be given a goodie bag full of Amoy products to take home and I've already been really enjoying using them. I was also super excited to be given a copy of Ching's book, Eat Clean, which is packed full of healthy Asian recipes.

Big thanks to Amoy and Ching! I had such a fun (not to mention delicious) few hours.

Should you like to see an example of me doing my posh camera voice (albeit not as posh as usual, I'm working on it), have a watch of this little video about the day:

This blog does result in me doing some jolly fun things, and I do feel very lucky. It was pretty Amoyzing, ahem. (I didn't come up with that questionable pun, apologies.)

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