Sunday, 4 October 2015

Interrailing the South of France: Annecy

One of the best things about my trip across the South of France was that every place we visited - Bordeaux, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Nice - was so different. Perhaps most unique of all, however, was Annecy.
After the most spectacular train journey past lakes and through the mountains (although possibly not quite as amazing as whizzing over to Nice, mere metres from the beautiful blue sea of the Côte d'Azur), we arrived at the Alpine town of Annecy.

You know Annecy, she of the lake.

It was a hot hot hot day so Amber and I dropped our bags at the hostel (imaginatively named Annecy Hostel) and donned our bikinis before making our way to the lake. I wanted to be in that clear blue water and I wanted to be in it ASAP.

We made our way to a bathing area with a little "beach" (I use that term very loosely) and made our base for the afternoon.

It's hard to find the words to describe how wonderful it was in the lake. I absolutely adore swimming in natural water (have I mentioned that before?) and Lake Annecy was absolute bliss.

I lolled around in the wonderfully clear water, under a perfect blue sky, admiring the incredible mountains around the lake and made sure to appreciate that moment.

It turns out there's more to Annecy than the lake though. The town is GORGEOUS!
It's broken up by pretty canals leading to the lake, and there are tons of old flower-covered bridges for ambling across.
As we were there on Saturday morning we stumbled upon a huge flea market and I only wished I had more room in my suitcase (never have been one for packing light, unforch.)


If you fancy a stroll, it's lovely to carry on out of the old town, through the park and round the lake. Guess what! We did just that.

You can look back at the town across the sparkling water...

Whilst it may not be famed for its nightlife, Annecy had a pretty great atmosphere on a Friday night, and of course, the town looked beauuuutiful.
Ice cream may have occurred. And burgers. And wine. All the deliciousness.

I am SO glad we visited Annecy. I absolutely loved it and if you've never been I urge you to make the trip.

Our interrail journey was nearly over as the next stop was further up into the French Alps for our lovely friend Constance's party (casual.)

It had been the best couple of weeks and I would totally recommend interrailing - whether just in one country for a fortnight or for a few months across a continent - as a great way to travel. And luckily for me, Amber was the perfect travel buddy: even more organised than me (I know!), equally addicted to social media and thus understanding the need for wifi stops, and she put up with my needing the loo every half an hour. True friendship, right?

Have you ever been interrailing? Hit me with any ideas you may have!


  1. Beautiful place! Those mountains look chilly though, I'm not sure I would have been so willing to jump in the water :p xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

    1. Oh they weren't, Lucy! It was super hot, you would've been desperate to dive in too, I'm sure :) xxx


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