Wednesday, 18 November 2015

South-East Asian Adventures: satay fondue in Melaka, Malaysia

After leaving Kuala Lumpur we spent one night in Melaka, which, twinned with George Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I'm not going to do a long post about Melaka because if I try to blog in detail about every place I'm visiting I'll never get out of the hotel lobbies! However I will say it was a lovely little town with a pretty river and a Dutch-influenced old centre that reminded me of Disneyland.

Have a gander:
Enough of that though! The main reason I decided to write a little blog about Melaka was the very interesting dinner we had while there - satay fondue! And yes, it's exactly as it sounds. I couldn't not write about this...

A fondue, but instead of dipping things in a vat of melty cheese or chocolate, it's bubbling satay sauce! Amazing, right? (Apols for the awful pics - it's not exactly a meal that is crying out to be instagrammed.)

Satay fondue is a speciality in Melaka.

We went to a place that was simple, cheap and so far off the tourist track it could've been another town. Needless to say, we were the only non-locals.

It turns out Malaysian satay sauce is a lot spicier than British! I battled through the heat though, dunking chicken, tofu, bread and greens into the bubbling peanutty goodness.

And clearly loved it.

I just thought it was so different and interesting and a perfect example of why I love travelling... and why food is such a big part of travel!

Also, my whole dinner cost less than £1. Mind = blown.

Anyway I hope my pics have done some of the talking for me about Melaka. Next stop: Singapore! (Oh, I really liked Singapore.)

Anyone else tempted to recreate satay fondue at home?


  1. Ok you've convinced me, I must go travelling around Asia and SOON. Less than £1? Hallelujah! I've always really fancied satay sauce but it always comes with chicken and being a veg, that's a small problem for me. Time for DIY I think! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy


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