Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Brunch at Bread Street Kitchen, London

It was the weekend before Christmas and all through the City, not a creature was stirring not even, um... a kitty?

No but in all serious, it was the weekend before Christmas and a beautiful sunny wintry morning in London.

As I travelled from Clapham to the City (riding the front top seats of the bus like a boss and loving life - I defy anyone not to love doing that), I was just so happy to be back in the capital after a couple of months away!

The brunch spot of choice was Bread Street Kitchen, one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants. We'd originally chosen it for its bottomless prosecco possibilities, but that morning, after Christmas parties the night before, Liv and I agreed we'd rather stick to water.

Located just round the corner from St Pauls, Bread Street Kitchen was a great brunch spot.
The restaurant is huge, bright and was delightfully festive at the time. It was also pretty packed with happy brunchers!
The brunch menu isn't huge, but it's good. With only one sweet option, I'm sure you won't be surprised when you hear what I went for. Heck, even if it was a menu of sweet dishes we all know what I'd go for. It's gotta be pancakes. Brunch = pancakes, non?

But I was intrigued. Remember the epic beyond epic ricotta hotcakes at Granger & Co? Oof they were good. And they're pretty famous really. Bread St Kitchen's pancakes sounded extremely similar. How would they compare?! THE SUSPENSE!

All is about to be revealed, dear friends.

Liv and I stared longingly at each plate of food that came out of the kitchen (hey, we were hungry), and after not too long the plates made their way to us.


Liv went for the classic English Breakfast.
It looked pretty fab to me and I was assured it was very good.

And now feast your eyes on my pancakes:
Hello, my friends. Let's get up close and personal, shall we?
They were pretty sensational. Wonderfully fluffy, which, let's be real here, is pretty much the most crucial characteristic of a pancake, isn't it?

The portion was sizeable which pleased me, obviously, and there was lots of syrup and honeycomb butter. The bananas were beautifully caramelised, but if I'm being really picky I'd say I could've done with a smidge more banana to even out the banana to pancake ratio.
How did they compare to Granger & Co? Well of course, they were pancakes not ricotta hotcakes, so I wasn't expecting them to be the same, but I would say Bread St Kitchen's were just a notch behind Granger & Co's.

That's not to say they weren't epic and utterly divine though. I loved those pancakes and devoured the lot. As per. They were really really delicious.

After finishing our feasts, Liv the Londoner took me somewhere very cool: the roof of One New Change. Fortunately there's a lift as there's no way in hell I could've managed stairs after all those pancakes.

There's a bar up there but anyone's allowed up to enjoy the view. So that's exactly what we did.

Check it out:
Kinda awesome, no?

The winter sunshine lit up that most magnificent of buildings, St Paul's Cathedral, and the wind blew my hair all over the place. But I loved it.
Liv told me it looks even better at night so there's a little tip for ya. I need to go and check it out myself.

A fab way to spend a Saturday in London.

Find out more about Bread Street Kitchen on their website. Where should I go for brunch next?

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