Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Pancake Week dinner at Lanes of London

Pancake Day came early for me this year. Early, and in the snazziest form I've ever experienced courtesy of Mayfair hotel, Lanes of London.

The most dedicated amongst you may recall that I first visited Lanes of London (can we call it LoL for short? I'm going to go with it, for obvious reasons) over a year ago when I enjoyed their wonderful Christmas champagne afternoon tea. So when I was invited back, I knew I was going to say yes before I'd even learned what for.

And when I found out, I was even more keen.

Pancake Day is one of the best days of the year, amiright? Of course I am. How to make that better? Make it Pancake Week! Why haven't we done this before?

Pancake Week is exactly what's currently going down at LoL, and I couldn't wait for the chance to experience it.

On a chilly evening after a long day of work, I strolled through pretty night-time London to the end of Park Lane, just by Marble Arch.
Walking into LoL's sumptuous interior was perfect after being blown away by bracing winds - the fire was roaring, the armchairs were calling, and pancakes were on their way. Yes please.
My dinner companion was another pancake-loving Rachel, and we were excited to catch up over some delicious food and drink.

We sat ourselves down at one of the beautifully-laid tables, our coats were whisked away and before we knew it we were sipping the finest champagne from the most chic of flutes. (Don't you love this shape? I do!)
With just three savoury and four sweet pancakes from which to choose, you'd think it wouldn't have been a difficult decision. Not so, mes amis.
The menu is particularly creative and all the pancakes sounded so different, interesting and delicious. We eventually got there though.

For my main course, I chose the cheese and chicken pancake. And I wasn't expecting what I got.
Oh my days, this was so damn tasty! Way better than I could even imagine.

It doesn't even look like a pancake, does it?

Essentially what was going on was a load of chicken and glorious melty cheese, wrapped up in a pancake and deep-fried in breadcrumbs. I think.

It was not my healthiest/vegan-est/gluten-free-est choice but it was insanely good.

Rach also chose well, opting for these bacon-topped fluffy (IT'S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE) pancakes with grated apple, maple syrup and the scrummiest creamy sweetcorn sauce/dip.
Gimme a jar of that and a spoon and I'd be a happy bunny.

Now I must tell you that choosing a sweet pancake was an even tougher choice. There was only one thing for it: get two different ones and share.

The Tea Party pancakes - delightfully thick, fluffy, sweet pancakes topped with cherry compote and green tea ice cream. The flavour combo was interesting and the ice cream genuinely tasted so much like green tea!

And the Choco:
The same sweet pancakes topped with roasted banana, chocolate sorbet, chocolate sauce and toasted almonds.
Aww yeeeaaah.

The chocolate sorbet was nice as it was less sweet than ice cream, and the flavour combo was a definite winner. Better than the Tea Party, in my books.

By this point, we were two very full Rachels, so a digestive tea was just what the doctor ordered.

Having had the pleasure of a LoL afternoon tea before, I knew the selection was impressive.

Restaurants with separate tea menus are my kinda restaurants.
And I was really pleased with my choice: fresh rosebud tea.

Look! Look how preeeeetty!
I was sceptical as to how flavoursome a pot of roses in hot water could really be, but the tea was delicious and the flavour was really strong, which I loved.

Rach chose jasmine pearl tea which was also delicious. They were just perfect after our pancake feast.

It had been the loveliest evening and the perfect way to catch up in style. At £10 a pancake (well, a portion of pancakes), it obviously isn't the cheapest of dinners. But I suppose you're paying for the location, five-star service and sumptuous surroundings. If you want to treat yourself this Pancake Day (Week?), I'd say a trip to LoL is a fine way in which to do it.

And if you go, make sure you go to the loo as they're suuuuuuper nice! Don't you love a nice loo? I do.

The Pancake Week menu is on at Lanes of London (or LoL to its friends) until 9th February. I was invited as a guest to the restaurant but all opinions are 100% honest as lying is baaaaad.


  1. Pancake week is just about the best idea I've ever heard of!! I've gone vegan for February this month so there will be lots of bumbling about and experimenting on Tuesday for me but hopefully I'll manage to create something delicious enough to enjoy all week :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

    1. RIGHT!? Oh you totally will - I've made loads of vegan pancakes and they've all been utterly scrummy. Good luck! xxx


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