Saturday, 27 February 2016

An afternoon tea tasting at the Conrad London St James hotel

"All you do is drink champagne and eat cake."

That was the message my friend Sarah sent me after seeing what I was doing with my Thursday afternoon.

And I don't wish to brag, but I do seem to be consuming a lot of champagne and cake these days.
Sometimes I feel so jammy. Like, how did I get so lucky? How do I get the opportunity to do such fun, awesome stuff?! I don't even know.

But you know that I appreciate it for sure.
A couple of days ago I made my way to the Conrad London St James hotel for an afternoon tea tasting. And it was absolutely delightful.

The interior of the hotel is, as you'd expect, luxurious, stylish and elegant. And the afternoon tea is just the same.
With a selection of other bloggers and journalists, I'd been invited to the exclusive premiere of the Conrad Catwalk and English Country Garden afternoon teas in the sumptuous Emmeline Lounge of the hotel.

I got to try so many tasty treats whilst having my flute refilled over and over again with the finest Mumm champagne. Potentially too many times. But what're ya gonna do?

Feast your eyes on all this:
Can you guess which are from the fashion afternoon tea and which are the country garden?
I was absolutely wowed by the presentation of everything: it was all so detailed, intricate and stylish. JUST LOOK AT THAT TINY MACARON! That is a very zoomed-in picture, folks. They were TINY!

And it was so inventive - coronation chicken served inside a pastry case made to look like a flower-box, anyone?

But, more importantly, it was all utterly delicious. Those chocolate-macaron concoctions were perfection. Zoe the pastry chef is a genius.

As Frances from Bake Off learnt, no one wants to be style over substance. And these delicacies certainly weren't. I really dislike when food is presented beautifully but then doesn't taste as good as it looks.
Aside from eating delicious things and drinking champagne and tea, it was really lovely to meet some other bloggers and journalists.
Gang, let me introduce you to Hannah Canavan (a writer), Stephanie Peers of The Style Memo and Caroline Van Praagh from Peers Communications. All lovely ladies who it was a really pleasure to meet.

It was one of those occasions that made me so grateful to be living in London. A few weeks ago, had I got such an invitation, there's no way I could've justified spending money on coming all the way down to London for a couple of hours, as lovely as those two hours would've been.

But now I live here so can do, eat and drink everything! Hoorah!
After indulging in far too many scones, sandwiches and mini savoury and sweet treats, not to mention multiple glasses of champagne, I finished off with a light green tea from the prettiest tea pot, strainer and cup.

Well, with another champagne-fuelled event to go to after this one (what has life become?), I figured it'd only be wise to line my stomach with scones, don't you think? Sloshed is not chic. So carbs it is! And water. Lots of water. But I digress.

It had been a delightful afternoon - who wouldn't want to spend a couple of hours at a five-star hotel being plied with champagne and delicious things? - and I'm now super keen to go back and have the full sit-down experience. I bet it's amazing. I didn't even get to try everything so that really must be remedied.

I was so impressed with what I did see and try though, so thank you to Conrad London St James and Ophir PR for inviting me.

But what do you think? How does it all look compared to any afternoon teas you may have been to?



  1. Everything look so good ! It is looking like a good restaurant !
    Alexandra xx

  2. Beautiful.. I went to the launch of the Christmas Tea at the Conrad St James with a blogging group a few years ago. An Afternoon Tea I can't forget. It was just amazing. Zoe is truly talented. The English County Garden Tea looks lovely. Beautiful photos. xxx

    1. Oh wow, lucky you Sarah. And you're right, Zoe is incredible. Thank you! x

  3. Wonderful post! And amazing pics, what camera do you use? You were stealth-snapping! I am going to delete that photo of me from my mental history lol!!!

    1. Thanks Hannah! It's a little Canon - will show it to you next time I see you (or just email me if you want the deeds) :) It's a nice pic! x

  4. This is fabulous! I am so looking forward to a proper tea in London, for now, NYC will have to do! Wonderful information, thank you!!

    1. Thanks Rosemary. And lucky you being in NYC! x


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