Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lunch at Hummus Bros, Soho, London

I can't remember how or when I first heard of Hummus Bros, but I'd been wanting to go for years. Literally years.

You guys, it's a place dedicated to houmous! Could anything be better!?

OK, maybe one dedicated to peanut butter but I'd say houmous is in second place.

As an aside, the spelling of houmous stresses me out. There seem to be multiple accepted varieties and as someone who likes language rules I dislike this. Although Hummus Bros spell the word thus, I shall continue to write 'houmous', despite autocorrect's protestations, as that is what I have always done and what seems to be on most shop tubs. Thoughts on this matter would be most welcome. 

The story of Hummus Bros' incarnation is a lovely one:
"Hummus Bros was born on a glorious hot day in May 2003, when, as two college friends, we were searching for something filling and healthy that would taste great, and still leave some change for drinks at the Union Bar. Passing on the usual options of pizza or sandwiches, we stumbled out of a small specialist delicatessen with three basic ingredients: pitta bread, hummus and olive oil. In no time at all, the bowls of hummus were wiped spotlessly clean. "I could eat a good meal like that everyday!" someone remarked. We looked at each other and smiled - a dream was born: to open a place dedicated to hummus."
And there are now five glorious branches across London.

Last Sunday I ventured into central LDN to meet my lovely friends, Rachel and Holly, at Hummus Bros' Soho spot.

It may not have been a traditional Sunday luncheon, but it was basically the stuff of which dreams are made. Well, my dreams anyway.

Naturally, I had stalked the menu online on more than one occasion (no shame to admit it) and so knew what I was having: a houmous bowl with falafel salad and warm pitta bread.

It was so delicious!

In my bowl was, unsurprisingly and pleasingly, a generous amount of the best houmous I've EVER had (for reals), as well as falafels, lettuce, salsa, tzatziki and I think a little tahini.

I can't even explain how good the houmous was. I don't think any other houmous will ever hit the spot now that I've known such houmous euphoria. Just go and try it and you'll see what I mean.

The falafels were also spot on. None of that disappointing dry falafel here, met amis.

You can actually swap the pitta for something a little lighter like carrot sticks or rice cakes, but after seeing some served to the table next to me, I couldn't resist.

And boy, was that a good pitta. It was so fluffy! In my opinion it is very hard to beat the combo of warm pitta bread with smooth houmous.

I saw some people slicing open their pitta and stuffing the contents of their bowl inside. I'm not sure if this is the recommended method but it wasn't the approach I took. What is the houmous bowl and pitta etiquette? Who knows.

Holly went for the houmous bowl topped with chicken and guacamole...

...whilst Rach chose the chicken wrap. Both assured me they were delicious, and we were all particularly wowed by the chicken. It was so flavoursome and juicy!

They do quinoa dishes too which I simply must go back to try, and you can also order takeaway and delivery which is most tempting indeed.

We sat on benches at simple tables, enjoying the nice chilled vibe.

I should point out that at lunchtime on weekends the prices are the same as those on weekday evenings, whereas weekday lunchtimes are cheaper. I think because they do table service at weekends? Not entirely sure but bear it in mind.

Still, Hummus Bros is v affordable which is always a plus. Affordable, healthy, good quality and delicious. What's not to love?

Find out more on the Hummus Bros website - I thoroughly recommend a visit! To the restaurant that is. Not the website. Although actually there's some pretty good houmous porn on there so maybe pay the site a visit too actually. Mmmm I want that houmous again.


  1. Ahh I loooove houmous/hummus/etc.! It's so easy to make too (although it's easier to buy it from the shop which I do at least every few days ha). Here in Exeter we have a couple of small, independent middle eastern restaurants and they do brilliant homemade houmous (amongst other ridiculously delicious things) so I'd recommend hunting out those kinds of places to get your fix too :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

    1. You're right! I have made it before, although only once haha. Ooh I love a middle eastern place! Maybe a trip to Exeter is on the cards... Thanks Lucy! x

  2. I sodding love Hummus Bros - you deffoes chose the best option ;) Love Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

    1. Thanks Andrea... Pleased you share the love :) x


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