Saturday, 23 April 2016

A delicious lunch at Cafe Fleur, Wandsworth

I first heard of Cafe Fleur a month or so ago when I was invited to a supper club by the lovely Madeleine Shaw and the delicious Ombar. It was the most delightful evening, and the ambiance and interior of the cafe definitely played a big part in that.

And since that evening, Cafe Fleur seems to be popping up everywhere in my life: it came up in conversation with friends (who were all big fans) and there was a feature on the cafe's founder, Lucy Piper, in new wellness magazine, Balance.

I love the story behind Cafe Fleur: Lucy used to work in the City but after a few years found herself depressed and hating it. So, she took the bold decision to pack it all in and open her friendly, stylish cafe with lots of healthy, organic options. Madeleine Shaw is a big fan, which says a lot.
Photo from Balance
After falling in love with the menu (I stalked online, obvs), I was desperate to pay Cafe Fleur a visit ASAP, and so that is exactly what I did.

It was on a drizzly Saturday that I made my way across South London from Brixton to Wandsworth, riding the top deck front seats of the bus like a boss.

You probably wouldn't stumble upon Cafe Fleur unless you lived nearby. It's on a quiet side street, but was busy when I arrived at 3pm on Saturday.
I love the vibe of the cafe: it's welcoming, relaxed and trendy. Amazingly, Cafe Fleur opened a mere week after Lucy got her hands on it. She told me she didn't have much money to turn a former greasy spoon into Cafe Fleur so the beautiful space she's created is extremely impressive.

Lucy is super involved - she was working behind the till when I arrived, devised the menu along with her chef Oscar, bakes all the cakes AND runs the business side of things.

Impressive lady, eh?
And Cafe Fleur's success is testament to her hard work. It was named Best Cafe in Wandsworth by Time Out in 2015, don'tcha know. The cafe only opened in 2013 and its third birthday is coming up!

I'm already desperate to go back to Cafe Fleur as there's so much I want to eat! The menu is right up my street, and I love that there's such a mix of healthy and more indulgent dishes - perfect for vegan ladies with burger-loving boyfriends (or just me and my veg-fearing friends).
It was a tough choice, but I went for the veggie burger. It. Was. Divine!
The burger is a secret recipe made from simply chickpeas and spices - Lucy asked Oscar to make a veggie burger that was basically just chickpeas, because "if Oscar had his way he'd add butter and cream to everything!" Lucy told me. He is French, after all. The resulting burger is a winner in my books.

The patty isn't as thick as a beef burger, but it wasn't dry at all, which is often the case with veggie burgers. The glazed brioche bun was deliciously soft too. And huge! Hence why the burger was slim but big, I guess.

I am incapable of resisting sweet potato fries, and these ones were some of the best I've ever had. Top five, for sure, and I've eaten many a sweet potato fry in my life. They were crisp on the outside and cooked to perfection inside.

With a lovely side salad, it was pretty much my idea of a perfect meal. Lucy does big portions too. I like that.
And to try and convince myself it wasn't rainy and cold outside, I enjoyed a deliciously tropical smoothie that was simply frozen pineapple, frozen coconut and coconut water. In a mason jar, natch.

There's a really fab selection of smoothies actually. I could've drunk them all.
What's also quite nice is that Cafe Fleur does serve alcohol too and Lucy swears her organic wines don't give you a hangover. I suppose maybe I should return to test out her theory...

I definitely want to go back for breakfast or brunch, and in very exciting news, Lucy revealed to me that this summer Cafe Fleur will be open for dinner in the evenings too. I can't wait!

It's my new favourite cafe, and I couldn't recommend Cafe Fleur more.

I was a guest at Cafe Fleur but that hasn't influenced my post, I swear. Do you like the look of the cafe?


  1. Wow, this is so close to me Rachel. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! My mouth is waterwatering - great blogpost. xx

    1. Oh lucky you, Sarah! You must definitely go :) x

  2. I'm so happy about the rise of veggie and vegan options in lovely cafes like this :) especially as Michele has turned kind-of-veggie and isn't content with just one veg option on the menu so often turns places down that I really want to go to (I've been veg for years and am more than happy with one option ahaha) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

    1. Me too, Lucy! Hope you love Cafe Fleur :) X


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