Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A magical Midsummer Night's Dream afternoon tea at Swan, London

The Globe theatre is iconic, almost as famous as Shakespeare himself.

Lesser known, however, is Swan (apparently sans article), the Globe's restaurant.

I paid my first visit to the riverside eatery recently to sample their Midsummer Night's Dream-themed afternoon tea, which is inspired by the play and ties in with its run in the theatre.

I met my friend Rach and we went to the upstairs part of the restaurant which has a lovely interior is slightly snazzier than downstairs. It didn't have a pub vibe but it was informal and definitely more chilled than your usual posh hotel afternoon teas.
One of the main attractions of the tea has to be the view over the Thames - it's amazing.
What's more, it made a really nice change to a lot of the posh hotel afternoon teas which are often served in ornate rooms that are beautiful but lack any daylight.

Everything is pretty and magical in the Midsummer afternoon tea, from the menu to the crockery. I adored it.
We started with the love potion cocktail - a mix of Earl Grey infused gin, honey, blackberry puree and prosecco, topped with fresh blackberries.
 It was utterly delicious and I loved how it was served.
The same can be said for the tea, which we enjoyed from a big silver teapot. The staff replenished it over and over again, which is always good.
We had the sapphire earl grey which was light, fragrant and perf with the treats we enjoyed.

So, on to the food! Doesn't it all look fab? And let's be real, we eat with our eyes first.
Let's start with the sandwiches, as one should.
I liked how all the savouries were served differently - there was only one actual finger sandwich. The duck egg mayo one wasn't too eggy, which I liked. The mushroom and truffle cheese tart was creamy and truffly. The smoked salmon, grape mustard and dill pancake was perfect (or so I'm told, I don't like salmon so had an extra chicken one). And the lemon chicken with pea flower was my fave - it was a big sweet brioche roll well-stuffed with tender lemony chicken. Deeeelish.
The scones were absolutely fab - they were big and not at all dry, as scones so often are. One of them was supposedly a mulberry scone, but the mulberries weren't very noticeable. The scones weren't warm unfortunately but that was OK.
Alongside our lovely scones, we had 'midsummer' jam (I wanna say blackcurrant?), which made a nice change, and I liked how the jam and cream were served in little mason jars. We could've done with a bit more though.
On to the cakes and a glass of champagne too.
The cakes were beyond beautiful.
I really liked the creamy hibiscus and apricot shot. The chocolate and violet chouquette however was a bit meh and had a funny texture in my opinion. The strawberry delice with an elderflower macaron was bursting with strawberry flavour, and inside was like a lovely thick creamy yogurt. I wasn't sure about the little lemon and rose cake - the texture was somehow dense but also dry, but the icing was really well whipped and light.

Throughout our tea, the staff were very attentive and can't be faulted. It was a really lovely experience and great fun to do something a little different.

It strikes me that Swan is not just a restaurant attached to a theatre but rather a good eating destination in its own right.

The location lends itself perfectly to a digestive stroll along the Southbank afterwards too. Sunny London. Can you beat it? I think not.

I loved my tea at Swan and would thoroughly recommend it.

Rach and I were guests at Swan but all opinions are my own. Are you tempted by the tea?


  1. This sounds delish! I love finding a new afternoon tea to try and I always love being down by the Globe too :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. It's so lovely down there, isn't it? You must go x

  2. This looks so so good! Elderflower macarons sound incredible. And what an amazing view!

    Milly | Mini Adventures

    1. I know! So amazing. Hope you get to pop by, Milly x

  3. So so tempted! I love the sound of the earl grey cocktail and love how it's served - fits the theme and means you can adjust the flavour as you like it! Also very happy with the mainly pescatarian offerings with the sandwiches, they all sound sooo delicious. I never manage to make it to the cakes with afternoon tea though, sandwiches and scones always manage to finish me off! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

    1. I know, so pretty right!? Oh no! You must leave room for cakes! Thanks Lucy xxx

  4. There's nothing like a good English tea! Wish we had more places to have them in the States. We are so jealous!

    1. Couldn't agree more, Sylvia. Maybe a trip across the pond is the only option! x


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