Friday, 23 September 2016

Bottomless bubbly birthday brunch at Villandry, London

"So you have two hours to drink as much prosecco as you can," said the waitress.

Challenge accepted.
Whilst this brunch occurred a couple of weeks ago, it is my actual birthday today! I AM SO EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN DEAL!

Like, I'm 24. I'm not eight. But I just love birthdays. I don't know why I get so excited but I do - I think I just love any excuse to get people together, eat good food, drink good drinks and celebrate good times.

So a big ole brunch with the family was really rather perfect. I love brunch. And birthdays. And bubbles. Kinda like my family too.
We were actually celebrating not one but two birthdays as my brother turned 26 the month before (HB, Jamie!), and whilst I am not one who likes to share her birthday, it did make brunch that bit more of a special occasion.

The restaurant of choice was Villandry on Great Portland Street, and although sooooo many restaurants in London now do bottomless bubbly brunches, I'm fairly certain this is one of the best deals out there.

For £30, you get three courses, orange juice, tea or coffee and as much prosecco as you can drink in two hours. Is that not amazing?

I know a lot of restaurants only give you an hour or an hour and a half, and I've heard of some that are, quite frankly, slow to top you up, but not so at Villandry, mes amis. Service was fab.

So come on down and get stuck in with the Hosie fam...

First up, pastries. Just look at this tray of deliciousness!
Also, lol at the man in the background. He's having a great time.
I went for an almond croissant and it was absolutely dreamy. The pastry was flaky and it was just the perfect balance of crisp and soft, with plenty of almond filling. For some reason I'd expected the pastries to be something of an afterthought but we all agreed they were exceptionally good.

We washed our viennoiseries down with a sizeable glass of OJ each. And you guys, this was legit freshly-squeezed OJ. Definitely not out of a carton and god forbid from concentrate!
It was the real deal.

Then came the main affair...
Ohhhh so much goodness from which to choose!
 Poached eggs, avocado and spinach on sourdough toast for the Shrimp.
Phwoar, look at that runny yolk!
Leek and sweet potato galettes with spinach, poached eggs and red pepper hollandaise for me.
With another gratuitous runny egg shot. You're welcome.

It was really tasty, especially after a little sprinkle of black pepper which I think just lifted everything, but I feel the dish could've been a tad hotter if I were to be fussy.

Mum and Freya both had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with toast (I think. Maybe Freya had something else and I just failed to photograph it and thus forgot. Soz.)
And the boys both went for the full English. Quote Dad: "It's good quality, this." Let me tell you, the man's eaten a lot of food in his maaaaaaany years of life (joking, Dad! Or am I?), so he knows what he's on about.

The portions weren't so huge that we were too full to eat any more, which was good, but a little digestive pause was in order.
We spotted these two older ladies who seemed to have come in for Sunday cocktails and a catch-up and I decided I want to be like them when I grow up.

The final course in the Villandry brunch is a cake or baked treat. And the selection is epic.
 Mum, Shrimp and I all chose the carrot cake, and it was, quite frankly, fantastic.
Moist but full of crunchy nuts, beautifully spiced, with a dreamy creamy frosting. Superb.
Raspberry tart for Dad.
Victoria Sponge for Freya (but heads up - it's cream in the middle rather than buttercream, which would have disappointed me personally).
And lemon meringue tart for Jamie.

The final touch was a round of tea and coffee. Another gem from my father: "If that's not real coffee, I don't know what is." (And yes, the prosecco was still flowing freely.)
Aww look at that. My fave two drinks.

I had had so much fun with my family and couldn't recommend the bottomless bubbly brunch at Villandry more. 

But tell me, where should my next bubbly brunch be?

PS. Did I mention it's my birthday? Eeeeeeeeeee! Let's drink champagne and eat cake and dance on the tables!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    This place looks yummy, and bottomless bubbles is always a good way to celebrate birthdays (and anniversaries, and get togethers, and Wednesdays). xx

    1. Couldn't agree more, Rebecca. And thanks! x

  2. Whenever I see a group of old ladies loving life I always think I want to be like them when I'm older too haha! The food looks incredible!! Xo

  3. Happy Birthday! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with unlimited prosecco, woo hoo! Your galettes look absolutely delicious and I agree, I want to be like those ladies when I grow up too!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua : Life, Travel, Italy


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