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A luxury wellness break at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, Greece

Plonking myself down on the comfy sofa in the big, elegant lobby, having got up before 3am to start my journey, I couldn't have been more thrilled to be offered a cool, damp towel and a glass of champagne. My suitcase had been whisked away, and despite my tiredness, I was so excited to have arrived at Miraggio.

An hour and a half's drive from Thessaloniki airport, right on the tip of the peninsular, Miraggio is a brand new thermal spa resort. And, my dearies, I'd like to tell you all about it - I'mma try and keep it brief but there is so much to say!

My Room
I was lucky enough to be staying in a junior suite which was, when you include the exceedingly large balcony, definitely bigger than my whole flat in London.
The bed was huge and the whole room - like the rest of the hotel - was tastefully decorated.

There was plenty of storage space (oh, what I'd give for a wardrobe that big) and there was a kettle, tea and coffee too (albeit sans fresh milk), which was most pleasing.

Every day of my stay, little Greek sweets were left for me, and on the afternoon I arrived, I came back from the spa (more on that shortly) to find the most tempting plate of baklava and a bottle of bubbly. #blessed
Of course, at a five star resort you get five star treatment: my used teacups were somehow replaced with fresh ones all the time and my curtain was drawn when I was out for the evening.

There were also clever and clearly labelled switches all over the room that controlled much more than just the lights, which was impressive.
The shower was beyond dreamy - it was your classic super powerful rain shower and of course there was a handheld shower head option too. There was even a seat and a blind could be lowered across the glass shower wall for privacy too (although who cares when you have the suite to yourself? I love being single).
I was particularly fond of the large selection of toiletries because they were all honey-scented. Yum.

In a fluffy robe and slippers, smelling of honey, sipping tea and reading a book, I was a happy bunny.

The Food

There are various different eateries at Miraggio, each with a different vibe.

On our first lunchtime, we went to the buffet restaurant, Kritamo.

There was a big selection of dishes so something for everyone, but by the time we got to the food at about 2.45pm, it wasn't super hot and unsurprisingly wasn't the freshest. It was tasty though and nice to sit out on the big balcony.
Each evening of my stay, we ate in the resort's most formal restaurant, Portofino, which serves Italian food.
As the supposed fine dining restaurant, I didn't think the menu was super fancy, but the food was good and the setting was lovely. At Portofino you'll also find a selection of healthy options devised by the wonderful nutritionist Amanda Hamilton.

I mixed and matched healthy and not-so-healthy dishes and really enjoyed it all. It was fab having lighter options that were interesting and genuinely scrumptious.
Breakfasts took place in the buffet restaurant, and my! What a spread it was. Without a doubt, one of the biggest breakfast buffets I'd ever seen. There was everything!

Yogurts of every sort you could imagine, jams, spreads (including tahini!), spices, cereals, breads, muesli, porridge, kefir, chocolate milk, smoothies, juices, cakes, meats and cheeses, cooked breakfasts, tons of fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seeds... I could go on forever. Unsurprisingly, I loved it.
For my other lunches, we ate at the poolside restaurant, Oasis. The food here is traditional Greek, which I loved. We had souvlaki, Greek salad, moussaka, spanakopita, Greek yoghurt and honey (I had so much over the trip), baklava and a pudding I'd never heard of but definitely want to eat again: Ekmek Kantaifi (snap below). Get it. Thank me later.

The Spa

Whilst I don't have any of my own pictures of the spa (for obvious reasons), it really was fabulous. As well as the usual treatments (massages, facials etc), the unique draw of Miraggio is the thalasso spa, consisting of a selection of pools at different temperatures, steam rooms, a sauna, aromatherapy rooms and more, all taking advantage of the local thermal sauce water and sea.
There was even a poolside bar serving up healthy juices, smoothies and energy balls (once again by Amanda), which was awesome.

My one qualm was that the floor around the pools was like one giant puddle, which meant my fluffy slippers quickly became sodden and, well, not so fluffy, alas.

Things To Do
With its impressive array of pools and beachside location (I obvs went for a swim in the sea), Miraggio is really a summer resort. But that's not to say I didn't enjoy and appreciate the facilities in October too.
There's an array of pools both inside and out, fitness and yoga classes (and with the beachside sunset/sunrise settings, even I enjoyed them), giant chess, volleyball and even the option of a wine tasting, which needless to say I loved.

A Boat Trip
On the second day of my stay, we went out for a boat trip on the Miraggio yacht. Whilst it wasn't super hot, I still simply loved being on the sea. We sipped tea and watched the sun glistening over the waves as our sailors, Nikos and Nikos (of course) did all the hard work.
When we docked by an island, the sun had gone behind the clouds but that didn't stop me jumping in for a swim amongst the fishies in the pretty turquoise water. Have I ever mentioned I have a bit of a thing for the sea?
Just mooching, pretending I'm a mermaid.

And when I came out it was time for nibbles and wine. Hard life, I know. And obviously the sun appeared just as I got out of the water. Grrr. (Lol jk I'm not really complaining.)
Does it get any more ideal than that? I think not.

Man, I genuinely feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of such a lovely stay. Even though Miraggio really is a resort that comes into its own in the summer months, I loved it. Aaaaand I'm already hoping to go back in the summer months. Who wants to come with me?

I was a guest at Miraggio but all opinions are my own, promise. 


  1. Ooh that water looks tempting! I'd love a bit of winter sun right now. I thought your shower was the spa at first haha, not bad at all! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. Doesn't it just, Lucy!? Not bad indeed, I'm very lucky xxx


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