Saturday, 19 November 2016

Brunch at Social Pantry, Clapham

Another weekend, another brunch, this time in the lovely but little-known Clapham spot, Social Pantry.

After a beautiful sunny autumnal morning walk from Brixton and through Clapham Common, I was so ready to brunch.

I met my dear friend and fellow brunch aficionado, Rachel, and we sat ourselves down at one of the pretty pale turquoise tables in the cute little eatery.
We liked the decor and both agreed there were Mae Deli vibes going on.

It was Sunday morning and Social Pantry was busy both with people eating in and taking away. It was full, but there weren't queues.

The menu is divided into lighter bites and more filling options, and I have to admit I wanted to eat it all. Everything was just a little bit different to your usual brunch offerings: "Not a sourdough in sight," Rachel acutely observed (my friend that is, I'm not talking about myself in the third person).

We kicked off with tea, coffee and smoothies.
I really liked how the tea was served.

The smoothie - berries, banana, yoghurt and honey - was divine. It was sweet but with a slight tang from the yoghurt and I also really enjoyed the colour, particularly with a) my outfit, and b) the table. So pretty!

We'd barely made a start however when our main dishes arrived:
Rach went for the ultimate avo on toast: smashed avocado with poached eggs, feta, roast tomatoes and sumac, served on - get this - a slice of cooked sweet potato, and some bacon on the side.

Rach informed me that the eggs and bacon were perfect and she loved the sweet potato - it was tender, soft and well-cooked.

Speaking of eggs...
I had the beetroot, feta and red onion fritters with spinach, poached eggs and smashed avo on the side.

Absolutely loved them. The beetroot flavour really came through and went beautifully with the sweet onion. The fritters were soft and there wasn't an eggy texture, which I liked.

I'm really glad I asked for a side of avo (for what is brunch sans avocado?) as a) it complemented my meal beautifully, and b) it would've been a pretty small portion otherwise.

And if you do want something else, Social Pantry has the most wonderfully tempting counter of baked delicacies...
As we were off for a walk in the Common, however, I decided to get myself a Baileys Pumpkin Spice chai latte to take away, and yes, it was as delicious and autumnal as you're imagining right now.

I think Social Pantry is the most wonderful little place and am not sure why there isn't more hype around it. Pop in for cake, go for breakfast, or how about a Prosecco-fueled bruncheon? I'll be back (in the least threatening way ever).

Rachel and I were guests at Social Pantry but all opinions are totally honest.


  1. This place looks delicious! Sounds like they do really interesting brunch options which is great cos sometimes it can get a bit boring having the same thing all the time (middle class problems...) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. Yeah totally, Lucy. Sometimes a gal needs a break from avo on sourdough x

  2. Looks so yummy! Cant wait to get back to the UK for some proper brunch action (I'm in Germany at the moment on my year abroad!) Xo

    1. Ooh lucky you Zara - hope you're having the best time! x

  3. NOM! This place looks epic, would love to try the butternut squash sandwich! Could murder both your dishes right now. Love AP xo

    Andrea's Passions


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