Friday, 16 December 2016

A night in the new Park Plaza Hotel, Nuremberg

Back on my year abroad, I spent a lot of time in Nuremberg as it was the nearest big city to where I lived, in Bayreuth.

But living so close meant I'd never had the need or the opportunity to spend a night there.

So when my flatmate Maddy and I needed somewhere to stay for the night to kick off our Bavaria tour (more of which to come, chums - prepare for many cute Christmas markets and much deliciousness), I didn't know where to start. But then I heard about the Park Plaza Nuremberg.

Situated just opposite the train station - which is also a great spot for exploring the city - it was perfect for us arriving late on Friday night.

The hotel is brand new too, having only opened a few months ago.
In something of a contrast to the traditional old town of Nuremberg, the hotel is modern, stylish and sophisticated - we loved the decor, particularly the huge Christmas tree in the lobby.
There's also a very swanky bar on the ground floor which serves Bavarian-American-inspired cocktails (whatever they may be).
We checked in smoothly and headed up to our room - I believe it was the most basic type of room at the Park Plaza but was still fab.
The room was stylish and spacious, with everything we needed, including a kettle and teabags yasssss! Also important - the mugs were a decent size (don't you hate those cups that are basically two gulps' worth?) and the range of teas on offer was excellent.

I was however, slightly surprised to find no sort of snack/nibbles provided - I've never stayed anywhere in Germany that hasn't put out little packets of Haribo on the pillows. Of course, it's not essential, but it's a nice touch.

After being told at check-in that the mini-bar was complementary, Maddy and I pretty much squealed in the lift up to our room. Excitedly, we ran straight to the fridge (well, after I'd taken some photos cos hello, blogger over here), opened the door and.....!

Two bottles of water. That was it.

I mean, it was something of an anti-climax.

The water was at least sparkling which I love, and hey, I'm not complaining about free stuff, but we had been misled.


The beds were extremely comfy, if a little narrow, but the duvets were huge. The TV was equally sizeable and Maddy and I enjoyed the range of mood lighting.

Let's move on to the bathroom.
It was a decent size with a lovely big shower - two shower heads too, good. I do love the overhead rain shower but sometimes you just don't want to wash your hair, do you?

We also loved the Elemis toiletries, 10/10 would use again. And we did. Because we totally stole them.
We freshened ourselves up and had a good night's sleep, already excited to hit the breakfast buffet the following morning.

Being on holiday and all, Maddy and I didn't get up early - luckily breakfast is on till 11am at the weekend. We were two of the last to arrive, but luckily everything was still out.
The dining room is big and airy, if lacking natural daylight, and the buffet area was nice and modern.

We made sure to try pretty much everything...
There was all sorts on on offer, although the fruit game could be upped. My fruit salad was pretty disappointing (grapes and a bit of melon does not a fruit salad make).

My croissant, however, was delish, as was the bircher muesli with honey from an actual honeycomb at the buffet.

Maddy hit the savouries and particularly liked the beans and salami. I quote: "All of the cooked food was really good actually."

I was also really impressed and pleased with the range of interesting teas.

And then it was time to check-out and start our Bavarian Christmas adventure for real! It had been a wonderful way to start.

Maddy and I were guests at the Park Plaza Nuremberg but all opinions are totally honest.


  1. How lovely to head back to the places you spent so much time in during your year abroad :) I would have been massively disappointed about the mini bar too haha oh goodness xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. So lovely! And I'm glad you're with me re the mini bar, Lucy x


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