Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The 27 best things I ate in London in 2016

Happy New Year, amigos!

Another year has passed us by and I'm about to reach my one year anniversary of living in London.

I can't quite believe I've only been here a year - I love it SO much! I mean, I loved London before I moved but now I have no quibbles about it: London is the best city in the world.

And one of my favourite things about living in the capital? The food, of course!

My "places to eat in London" list grows faster than I can tick things off, but I ate some blimmin' delicious things last year. Granted, the below list says a lot about my tastes (I just really like halloumi, sue me (lol that rhymed)), but I hope it might give you some eating-out inspo.

Soz not soz to anyone who's just started a January detox.


The 27 best things I ate in London in 2016

1. Halloumi, butternut squash and avocado burger at The Breakfast Club

2. Sticky banana cake at Rum Kitchen (full review here)

3. Smashed avo on cornbread at Salon

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4. Tequeรฑos at Brixton Food Court

5. Banana and date porridge at Dishoom (see full blog post here)

6. Halloumi burger at The Diner

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7. Houmous at Hummus Bros (review here)

8. Butternut squash cake at Sponge and Cream

9. Madeleine Shaw's quinoa burgers at Brown's Hotel

10. Guac at Coya (read all about it here)

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11. Chicken quinoa salad at Boma

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12. Parmigiana at Rustiko (see the other yummy things I ate here)

13. Tamalero at Ceviche (Old Street)

14. Buttery ricotta ravioli with truffle at Tozi

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15. Veggie burger at Cafe Fleur (full review here)

16. Burger (with added halloumi) at Blues Kitchen

17. Fried plantain at Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

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18. Pizza at Pizza Pilgrims

19. Miso aubergine at The Gate (review)

20. Cocktails at Steam and Rye (not technically food, granted, but some of them are filling enough!)

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21. Corn and courgette fritters at Brickwood

22. Halloumi burger at Mildred's

23. Truffle cheeseburger from Red Dog South

24. Pancakes at Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings (see full bottomless bellini brunch blog post here)

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25. Truffle pizza at The Wellesley (for work, honest - allow me to explain here)

26. Sweet potato waffle at Pachamama

27. Black carrots with salted peanut brittle at Talli Joe (allow me to explain here)

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What should I eat in 2017? Please do let me know what I need to add to my list, and I'll do my best to eat it.

Have a delicious year, chums!


  1. Well I'm incredibly jealous of your 2016 foodie adventures!! So many delicious things to eat (and very happy to see so many veggie dishes here for me to drool over yay!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. But of course - gotta love that veggie goodness! X


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