Thursday, 2 February 2017

A 70s night of pizza and cocktails at Bobby Fitzpatrick, West Hampstead

You know that episode of Black Mirror where they keep going back in history to different periods of time? It felt a bit like that when I walked into Bobby Fitzpatrick and as if I'd strolled straight into the 70s. That or my grandma's house.

Bobby Fitzpatrick is a brand new retro restaurant in West Hampstead, specialising in cocktails and pizza, which are two things I happen to love.

I'll be honest, I'd had no reason to go to West Hampstead in the whole year since moving to London, but there's more going on up there than I'd expected.

It was a drizzly Tuesday evening at the end of January that I walked into Bobby Fitz for dinner with my friend Ellie, and - considering the restaurant had only been open a little over a week - was surprised to find it rammed. By the time we left, every table was taken and people were being turned away.
It didn't take me long to work out why though. Bobby Fitzpatrick is GREAT!

There's a bit of a fusion going on - it's like 70s America meets the Caribbean, but somehow it totally works.

The decor is incredible and I was so impressed with the lengths they've gone to to kit the place out authentically - you feel like you've walked into a 70s home complete with a kitchen area at which you can sit.
There's a downstairs too and each area of the restaurant has a slightly different feel. Even the loos are 70s... It's so much fun!

Ellie and I sat ourselves down and - considering we had some good news on Ellie's part to celebrate - went straight to the cocktail menu. It's pretty extensive and the drinks are really creative too.

We both went for the Cynthia's Ruin to start with, which was gin, white wine, raspberries, passion fruit, lime and apple.
It was absolutely delectable. Very sweet, yes, but that's how I like my drinks. I loved the real raspberries and the tropical flavours - it was extremely quaffable and went down a treat. I then spent the rest of the evening with a cocktail umbrella in my hair and didn't remember until I got home, lol.

The vibe was lovely and relaxed, the staff were super friendly and fun, and the clientele were trendy, cool and young. We enjoyed the soundtrack too - even though Ellie and I didn't know all the songs, they were all perfect for the setting.

I absolutely loved the menu - it's a mix of classic, simple American-style dishes and some with little twists.
Guys, you can order chicken nuggets, and potato skins, and nachos and I just wanted it ALL! Having been craving pizza for days though, I knew what I was going to get.

Before our pizza, Ellie and I decided to share some cheesy dough balls. For obvious reasons.
I was expecting them to be like Pizza Express dough balls, but they were not. I think they were deep-fried as they were super crisp outside and doughy inside. Served warm, with a delicious garlicky dip, it was the perfect way to whet our appetites.

We decided another couple of cocktails were in order:
Mine was tequila-based (dangerous for a Tuesday, I know, but yolo), and my reaction after one sip was: "Ooh you can taste the tequila!" Ellie's was rum-based and garnered a similar response.

It kind of blows my mind that the cocktails are all around £7.50 too. Maybe for non-Londoners that sounds pricey but to me that is inSANEly cheap! Amazing.

I was most tempted by the chicken tikka pizza but after learning it was going to be a tad on the spicy side I decided to play it safe with a pepperoni.

Guys, I'm not even joking when I say this pizza was one of the all time top five pizzas of my life ever.

Bobby Fitzpatrick's pizzas don't have thin bases like traditional Italian ones but I for one LOVED the thicker, fluffy dough.

Mine was sheer perfection - the crust wasn't too well done, there was plenty of cheese and it was generously topped.

Ellie and I also made the ingenious decision to save the rest of our cheesy garlicky dip for our crusts and I highly recommend you do the same.
Being the weirdo that she is (sorry, I'm in the anti pineapple on pizza camp), Ellie went for the equally classic ham and pineapple.

She assured me it was delicious (weirdo).

Gaaaad I wanna eat this pizza again! We both agreed that we were well and truly full 3/4 of our pizzas down, but we didn't leave a crumb.

One digestive pause later, Ellie and I decided we had room for a little pudding - as I always say, a meal is not complete unless it ends on something sweet.

Figuring it would be the most easily-sharable, we went for the doughnuts and dips.
Warm, sugary, crisp, fluffy doughnuts, served with three dips: chocolate mousse, raspberry jam and custard.

The chocolate mousse was yummy but I couldn't help but think more of a chocolate sauce would've been better. The custard was cool but there was a definite hint of lemon by which I wasn't convinced. The jam, however, you'll be pleased to hear I cannot fault and absolutely loved.

My one other qualm is that by this point I'd have loved a tea but unfortunately there aren't any on offer... Yet. Our lovely waitress informed me they may be adding tea soon. Here's hoping.

Chums, I bloody loved basically everything about Bobby Fitzpatrick. Everything is so reasonably priced (£8 for a pizza? In London!?) and super delicious, but what really stood out for me was just how fun and different the restaurant is.

How soon can I go back?

Ellie and I were guests at Bobby Fitzpatrick but I genuinely am this enthusiastic about it, promise.


  1. Oh my god I want all the cheesy fried dough balls right now. I love the decor it's so fun! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. So fun! Totally go if you can, Lucy :) X


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